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Home :: About :: Advertising Advertising offers a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to drive traffic to your site. To receive more information describing advertising opportunities on, please see below for details or e-mail us. Thank you for your interest.  

Benefits to your business or organization

  • We have a very large and targeted audience, no matter how you measure it
    • Over 1.7 million hits per month (at about 57,000 hits per day, this adds up to over 20 million requests per year)
    • About 75,000 visitors per month (about 1 million people each year!)
    • Over 400,000 page views each month
    • Over 800,000 banner ads available each month
    • Much lower prices per contact than in other media
    • Some of the lowest prices per impression on the Web!
    • Higher income and educational levels of users of the World Wide Web
    • Targeted audience of people who purchase and are interested in beauty products and services

    New Tracking Statistics!

    • Total number of "impressions" (times your banner was displayed to potential customers)
    • Average number of impressions per day
    • Total number of "click-throughs" (number of people who clicked on your banner and reached your site)
    • Overall click-through percentage (percentage of people who viewed your banner and clicked on it to reach your site)
    • Overall ratio of people who viewed your banner to those who clicked-through
    • Daily statistics for number of impressions, number of click-throughs, click-through percentage, and click-through ratio


      We charge by the number of "impressions", which is the number of times that your banner or ALT text is displayed to viewers. This is by far the most common advertising model on the web, and it's similar to the way that newspapers or TV stations charge for advertising. The costs for varying numbers of impressions, as well as the cost per thousand (CPM) for these levels, are given below.
    Impressions CPM* Total Price
    5,000 $20.00 $100.00
    10,000 $18.00 $180.00
    20,000 $15.00 $300.00
    50,000 $14.00 $700.00
    100,000 $13.00 $1300.00
    250,000 $11.00 $2750.00
    500,000 $10.00 $5000.00
    Other amounts are negotiable and will normally take the cost
    per thousand of the group closest beneath the amount.
    * CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

    Current Special: Front page ad for one month for only $400. This will be seen by over 40,000 people, so the cost is less than $10 per 1,000 impressions! Since this is our most popular advertising space, we expect that it will be gone very quickly, so act now to reserve it for your business or organization.


    • Graphic size can vary, but should no larger than about 468 x 60 pixels
    • GIF or JPEG format please (animated GIFs are acceptable)
    • Banner should be no larger than 10k (the smaller the better, as it will load faster)
    • Checks only made payable to NetVenture Holdings LLC (checks are accepted at the discretion of

      Please mail checks to:
      c/o NetVenture Holdings LLC
      730-24th Street, NW
      Suite 14
      Washington, DC 20037

    • reserves the right to reject any ad

    How It Works

    To advertise on, please fill out the following form. If the form is not working for some reason, you may still send in your advertising request by sending e-mail. Once we have received your request, we will contact you with payment instructions and instructions for sending your advertising graphic to us. Your graphic will then be entered into our script that automatically rotates advertiser banners. You will also be given a special password that you can use to access statistics on your advertising campaign, including how many people have viewed your banner (the number of "impressions") and how many actually clicked through it and reached your site. These statistics for your banner are available on both a daily and an overall basis. We would like to thank you for your interest in advertising on

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