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Home :: About :: Jobs Jobs is looking for individuals interested in joining our team. We have positions available in web site development, producing, writing, and e-commerce.  Contract, permanent, part-time, work-from-home freelance, volunteer, and summer positions are available.  The atmosphere is casual and fun but also a demanding, fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.  Positions are based in Washington, DC, New York City, and virtually.

Positions Available:

  • Webmaster/Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Content Producer/Editor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Intern(s)
  • Beauty Advisor(s)
  • Message Board Host(s)
  • Chat Moderator(s)
    • Webmaster/Developer
    Webmaster Job Description:   The Webmaster will be responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the web site.
    Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 
    - Serves as lead technical web site developer for a new affinity portal web site (community, content, and electronic commerce sections)
    - Develops strategic and operational plans
    - Works with various teams
    - Manages and analyzes user and partner feedback
    - Evaluates effectiveness of the site
    - Experience in WWW site development 
    - Working knowledge of relevant Web authoring software and tools including HTML, CGI, Perl, and Java, as well as graphics applications and techniques 
    - Ability to work with outside vendors, contractors, designers and content teams 
    - Working knowledge of database management systems 
    - Experience in Web project management 
    - Experience in e-commerce and community building
    Compensation:  Based on experience and salary history; contract positions available

    Application:  Qualified candidates should contact us.

    • Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer Job Description: The Graphic Designer will manage the visual design of the web site.  You will be responsible for the over-all graphic feel and ensure a consistent look and feel across all online sections and affiliated sites. 

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

    - Strong Graphics experience and good content layout
    - Knowledge of HTML, Java or JavaScript
    - Design dynamic and effective GUI for web site 
    - Work within a team environment, interacting with webmaster, programmers, and partners to create artwork that fully realizes initial concepts while recognizing web bandwidth/technology constraints
    - Strong design and communication skills
    - Ability to juggle multiple projects under demanding timelines
    - Design background and strong portfolio
    - Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, and Quark
    - BFA or BA in Visual Communications/Graphic Design (degree or equivalent experience)
    - Excellent design skills, including typography, layout, color, user interface and navigation
    - Knowledge of multiple operating systems
    - Knowledge of the workings of HTML, JavaScript, DHML
    - Online web site examples
    - Understanding of the underpinnings of the web development process
    Compensation:  Based on experience and salary history; contract positions available

    Application:  Qualified candidates should contact us.

    • Content Producer/Editor
    Content Producer/Editor Job Description:   The Content Producer will be responsible for the writing and editing of content for the web site.  The producer should have a thorough understanding of the beauty industry, and what drives web users to its content, services, and  applications. The producer will help select and work with information providers and manufacturers, and retailers.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

    - Acts as Web editor managing the day-to-day content management of web site
    - Responsible for feature writing, article editing, maintaining general content, proofing, and light coding for site
    - Organizes internal design, development and production resources to create and maintain a world-class destination web site
    - Produce new features from concept to execution including original content
    - Works with multi-disciplinary team to develop and maintain long term design, content and promotion strategies of web site
    - Ensures that all content remains up-to-date and that Web activities are coordinated with all other offline activities
    - An eye for what it takes to build a community online, develop content and help manage a channel dedicated to people and communities. 
    - Experience in managing content editing, design and development process for web site creation
    - Degree in journalism or communications or background in the editorial areas of health or beauty
    - Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
    - Ability to work effectively and professionally as part of a diverse team
    - Initiative to take ownership over a project 
    - Detail-oriented
    - Strong interest in beauty industry, and enthusiasm for online media
    - Experience with large, complex, e-commerce web sites
    - Able to work on multiple tasks simultaneously under deadline pressure
    Compensation:  Based on experience and salary history; contract positions available

    Application:  Qualified candidates should contact us.

    • Business Development Manager
    Business Development Manager Job Description:   The Business Development Manager is responsible for creating strategic Internet content and e-commerce partnerships with companies in the beauty industry. 

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

    - Development and implementation of strategic business plans, budgets, and sales initiatives
    - Creates financial models to be used in deal negotiations
    - Identifies, researchs, and conducts market and profitabilty analyses
    - Assesses and establishes content and business relationships which drive traffic, membership registrations, and revenue 
    - Drafts proposals for potential partnerships
    - Experience in negotiating alliances, partnerships, and vendor contracts
    - Proven track record in developing strategic partnerships and/or sales experience
    - Knowledge of the interactive marketing, e-commerce, and Internet business and pricing models
    - Excellent presentation skills and be master closer
    - Have relevant industry contacts
    - Entrepreneurial experience
    - Strong analytical and business skills or other demonstrable intellectual ability
    Compensation:  Based on experience and salary history and commissions; contract positions available

    Application:  Qualified candidates should contact us.

    • Intern(s)

    • Intern Job Description: This is a great opportunity if you're interested in learning about the Internet or working for a start-up. The intern(s) would be involved in a variety of interesting projects based on their interests, knowledge, and skills.

      Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

      - Market Research and Analysis
      - Database Development
      - Writing and Editing
      - Researching and Compiling Industry Statistics
      - Partnership and Competitive Analysis
      - Developing and updating Internet Site 
      - Bachelors Degree or Masters in progress
      - Basic knowledge of the Internet or ability to learn quickly 
      - Extremely detail-oriented 
      - Excellent verbal and written communications skills 
      - Professional and responsible 
      - Solutions-oriented 
      - The ability to work well with tight schedules and under pressure 
      - A moderate knowledge of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel
      - Knowledge of HTML or ability to learn 
      Compensation:  Based on experience; paid and non-paying (credit) positions available

      Application:  Qualified candidates should contact us.

      If you're interested in our volunteer postions, please contact us and include the following information:
      - resume
      - position you're interested in
      - area of expertise
      - prior experience as a beauty advisor, or hosting/using chats or message boards
      - knowledge of the Internet
      - amount of time per week you can commit to answering questions or moderating boards

      Benefits to You
      -Publicity for your personal services/business
      -Featured spotlight and bio
      -Access to one of the largest communities on the Internet for beauty
      -No need to worry about technology or infrastructure

    • Beauty Advisor(s)
    • Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
      -Answer beauty concerns of users and members of through e-mail and message boards at least three times a week
      -Be knowledgeable about beauty care related topics
      -Serve as consultants to members for online beauty profiles and makeovers
      -Make recommendations or suggestions for products and services as appropriate
      -Contribute to the beauty review database

    • Message Board Host(s)
    • Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

      -Generate and encourage ongoing conversations among message board users
      -Post to the noards at least three times per week (most popular boards will be updated on a daily basis)
      -Welcome new users to the boards
      -Monitor board(s) your are responsible for including creating new topics as needed or suggested by users and deleting inappropriate postings such as spam
      -Moderate disagreements

    • Chat Moderator(s)
    • Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

      -Host at least 1 chat per week (flexible)
      -Promote other aspects of the community including message boards and special guest events
      -Keep chat conversations on topic
      -Be informed about the beauty and grooming subject matter of your chat
      -Handle users' problem

    No phone calls, please.

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