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Coty Inc. Launches ZZZ Theraphy Fragrance Leader Creates New Line of Sleep Enhancing Products for Aromatherapy Market Posted by

Coty Inc. Launches ZZZ Theraphy Fragrance Leader Creates New Line of Sleep Enhancing Products for Aromatherapy Market

NEW YORK, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Coty Inc., the world's leading fragrance
manufacturer and marketer of fragrance globally, and a leader in the category
of aromachology products, today announced the launch of The Healing Garden's
ZZZ Theraphy (pronounced "Sleep Theraphy") products available starting
September 2000. ZZZ Theraphy is the eleventh line of products from The Healing
Garden, which also produces Lavender Theraphy and Tangerine Theraphy among
others. Coty's The Healing Garden is one of the most successful aromatherapy
lines sold in the United States, and was recently introduced to the European
and Latin American markets.
According to recent medical and health studies an estimated 95% of
Americans experience some form of sleep disorder during their lifetime, and an
estimated 150 million people suffer from persistent sleep problems-two reasons
the introduction of ZZZ Theraphy is so timely. ZZZ Theraphy, made with
chamomile (recognized for its "relaxing" qualities), warm vanilla and orange
blossom, is the first such product for the mass market and will be sold in
over 16,000 retail outlets nationwide.
"In less than three years, The Healing Garden has grown into one of Coty's
strongest brands," says Coty Inc. chairman and ceo Peter Harf. "Our team has
pursued exciting new directions for the brand and ZZZ Theraphy is a perfect
example of the 'benefit' trend in fragrance products. Customers want products
that do more than smell great, they want fragrance and other products that
make them feel great, or relaxed, or more alert."
The ZZZ Theraphy product line contains the following: "Drift Away Powdered
Milk Bath," 10 oz./$8.95; "Serene Dreams Pillow & Room Spray," 4 fl oz./$6.95;
"Silk Pajamas Body Lotion," 7 fl. oz./$6.25; and the "Slumberland Sleep Kit,"
which offers all three forms and a "ZZZ ... Tea" (2 chamomile, vanilla bean
and orange peel tea bags) for $13.95; and a trial size silk pajamas body
lotion, 1.85 fl. oz./$1.95. Additional information on The Healing Garden can
be found at
The Healing Garden is a full range of aromachology products for sale in
mass-retail outlets. The products emphasize an holistic approach, using
fruits, flowers and plants to enhance relaxation, sensuality, positivity,
energy, enlightenment and well-being. Since its debut in 1997, The Healing
Garden has become of the most successful mass-market brands in the category of
aromachology and non-traditional fragrance, and is one of Coty Inc.'s most
successful brands. The Healing Garden is sold in the U.S., Canada, Australia,
Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, U.K., Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France,
Czechia, The Netherlands and Latin America.

About Coty Inc.
Coty Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of fragrances,
and a leader in the categories of color cosmetics and skin treatments in the
mass and prestige markets, with $1.7 billion in sales for the year ended June
30, 1999. The privately held company as it exists today is headquartered in
New York City and was organized in 1996 to operate the worldwide fragrance and
cosmetics businesses of Germany's Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH.Coty was originally
founded by Francois Coty in Paris in 1904, when he established the modern
fragrance industry. For almost 100 years, Coty has developed hundreds of
products that are sold around the world. Today, Coty Inc. is a global company
with operations in 29 countries. Coty brands include Adidas Moves, The Healing
Garden, Calgon, Stetson, Jovan, Vanilla Fields and Rimmel. The company's
prestige fragrance and cosmetics brands are sold by the Lancaster Group and
include Lancaster, Davidoff, JOOP!, Chopard, Jil Sander, Isabella Rossellini's
Manifesto, Vivienne Westwood Boudoir and Yue-Sai.
Additional information on Coty is available at

SOURCE Coty Inc.

-0- 07/07/2000

/CONTACT: Arthur Gallego of Coty Inc., 212-479-4408,

Web Site: /

CO: Coty Inc.

ST: New York




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