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Boomers Still on Top of Their Game Posted by
Boomers Still on Top of Their Game

Just For Men(R) Haircolor Survey Reveals

Joe Theismann on the Front Line

PITTSBURGH, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- As Baby Boomers contemplate senior
citizen discounts and cashing in their IRAs, the phrase "the graying of
America" has suddenly hit closer to home. It's no wonder then, since 1995,
the market for men's haircolor has almost tripled. And, according to a recent
Just For Men Haircolor "Top of Your Game" national survey, men are exercising
more, taking diet supplements in greater numbers and eating healthier than
they think their fathers did at the same age.
"In today's society, it's important to look your best. So even if I'm not
throwing a football every weekend, it's important for me to stay on top of my
game," said football legend and ESPN analyst Joe Theismann. "I've always
worked out and eaten right. When it came to my gray hair, I knew it was time
to get on top of the situation rather than let it get out of control."
That's why Theismann uses Just For Men Haircolor to cover his gray hair,
but unlike many of his peers, he's happy to talk about it.
"Despite the growing trend among younger men toward coloring their hair,
men in general are still uncomfortable about admitting they color their gray.
Men want to look good but don't want others to think they try too hard --
especially when it comes to their grooming routine," said Dominic DeMain,
senior vice president of U.S. marketing, Combe Inc., maker of Just For Men
Haircolor. "Today's image-focused society has caused the men's home haircolor
category to become a $113.5 million industry in 1999, and it is expected to
climb higher in the coming years," he predicts.

Our Survey Says
The "Top of Your Game" survey, recently commissioned by Just For Men
Haircolor, polled 306 men ages 18-65. A majority of these men (75 percent)
felt that being seen as a "winner in the game of life" was critical. To them,
that meant:

-- Having plenty of energy - 57 percent;
-- Staying in good physical shape - 47 percent; and/or
-- Maintaining a proper weight - 30 percent.

The survey also showed that 71 percent of men think middle age comes later
for them than it did for their fathers. That could be because at least half
of the 76 million Boomers alive today are projected to reach 100 years of age.
And when it comes to adding years, 57 percent of men felt that gray hair
was the number-one, unquestionable sign of reaching middle age. As one
respondent said, "people treat you better if you look younger."
"Today's man wants an easy way to look younger and feel healthier, and
when it comes to grooming, he doesn't want a lot of fuss and hassle," said
Theismann, who is 50. "With Just For Men Haircolor's vitamin-enriched
formula, younger and healthier-looking hair is only a shampoo away. And when
gray hair is covered early, the change is so subtle and natural, even your
spouse won't notice."

Beauty and the Best
The survey also showed that if most men could hit the replay button, they
would. More than 50 percent would choose to be between 21 and 40, a time of
life that's relatively free of gray hair. A healthy 41 percent of respondents
said that if they could look younger they would feel younger; meanwhile,
59 percent of them think they feel better than their fathers did at the same
Respondents also listed several professions for which they felt
maintaining a winning appearance is critical:

-- Professional athletes - 66 percent;
-- Salesmen - 49 percent;
-- Entertainers - 49 percent;
-- Politicians - 33 percent;
-- Teachers - 31 percent; and
-- Business executives - 30 percent.

"I wasn't surprised to see that public professionals, athletes,
entertainers and salesmen were judged more critically on their appearance,"
Theismann said. "Looking young and success go together naturally."
The "Top of Your Game" survey also shows that the ground rules for men's
health and fitness regimens have changed. Men are doing things to look and
feel younger today that they would have never dreamed of doing five or
10 years ago. They are exercising, watching their weight, getting regular
physical exams, monitoring alcohol consumption and asking a woman's advice on
how to dress. Today's men also are more likely to use beauty products to gain
a competitive edge. They frequently use cologne, gels and mousses on a
regular basis.
"It all boils down to the boardroom and the bedroom. Men know the
importance of looking good in their professional and personal lives, and
they're taking advantage of all the tools that are out there," said DeMain.
"Men's interest in home haircoloring is booming, and millions of men are using
Just For Men Haircolor to cover their gray hair."

Everyone Can Be a Winner
Theismann is as enthusiastic about covering his gray hair as he is about
Just For Men Haircolor's "Top of Your Game" contest, which benefits St. Jude
Children's Research Hospital. Theismann colored his gray hair for the first
time publicly this July to help further St. Jude's mission of finding cures
for children with cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. Men can join
Theismann to help St. Jude and get a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip
for two to Jamaica by entering the "Top of Your Game" contest. Now through
October 31, 2000, Just For Men Haircolor will donate $1 to charity for every
man who enters the contest.
The contest is open to all men over the age of 25 who have gray hair.
Eligible contestants must mail in a current photo and a 25-50 word essay
explaining how they stay at the top of their game. In addition to entering
the contest, men will receive a full product rebate for Just For Men Haircolor
and a retouched photo showing how their hair might look fully gray. Men can
enter online at, or by picking up an entry form in stores
where Just For Men Haircolor is sold. Contestants also can mail a
self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Just For Men "Top of Your Game"
Contest/P.O. Box 1387/Pittsburgh, PA 15230, to receive an entry form.
Like the majority of men surveyed, Theismann thinks an all-expense-paid
tropical vacation for two is a great incentive for any man thinking about
covering gray hair.
"The contest is great. Besides benefiting St. Jude and having a chance to
win a trip, I think any man who can see where those stray grays are heading
will jump at the opportunity to try this product for free," Theismann said.

About Just For Men Haircolor
Just For Men offers a five-minute shampoo-in hair color and unique
brush-in gel for mustache, beard and sideburns in eight, easy-to-apply shades
that closely match a man's natural haircolor. The products have been
reformulated with vitamins, natural ingredients and conditioners, which color
away gray hair and, at the same time, rejuvenate it, leaving it softer,
thicker and fuller looking. All are available at a suggested retail price of
$7 where men's home haircolor products are sold.
For product information, visit the Just For Men Haircolor Web site at

Combe Inc. is a manufacturer of health and beauty care products, including
Just For Men(R) Haircolor and Color Gel, Grecian Formula(R), Grecian 5(TM)
Haircolor and Color Gel, Lanacane(R) Anti-Itch Creme, Odor-Eaters(R) foot care
products, Vagisil(R) feminine care products and Sea-Bond(R) denture adhesive.
The privately held company, founded in 1949, has its international
headquarters in White Plains, NY.
(All percentages are based on the number of men who answered each

SOURCE Combe Inc.

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