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Attorney and Aromatherapy Expert Discusses Legal Challenges Posted by
Attorney and Aromatherapy Expert Discusses Legal Challenges

Facing the Handmade Toiletries Industry


Donna Maria Coles Johnson
Founder, The Handmade Toiletries Network
Author, "Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions" by Donna Maria (Storey
Books, July 2000)


Workshop "Legal & Regulatory Challenges Facing the Handmade Toiletries
Industry Today"
World of Aromatherapy International Conference and Trade Show
Sponsored by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy


October 19-22, 2000

The workshop is from 24 p.m. on Saturday, October 21st. Johnson is
available to the media any time before or after. She can also receive
messages at her hotel (206-971-8000).


Seattle, Washington (October 20-22) Cavanaughs on Fifth (5th & Pike)
In Washington, D.C., by telephone or by remote satellite any time
Other locations upon request

Johnson is a practicing attorney, but she left corporate America to pursue
her dreams. She is a graduate of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, a
highly skilled aromatherapist who has created hundreds of new recipes and
products, the author of several books, and a consultant to natural
manufacturers. She is also the founder of the Handmade Toiletries Network
(HTN), the first and only trade organization dedicated to the advancement
of the entire handmade toiletries industry. Through its weekly online
newsletter, popular Web site ( and monthly
member conference calls, HTN addresses issues of consumer education,
marketing, public relations and regulation on behalf of HTN members,
freeing them to concentrate on growing their business. HTN members are
required to commit to a set of core principles regarding manufacturing
quality and safety, truth-in-labeling and intellectual property.

HTN is a community for those who have turned the pleasurable hobby of
making natural toiletries and cosmetics into profitable businesses. Its
160+ members range from companies with over $1 million a year in sales to
smaller, home-based operations. The survivor of an emotionally abusive
marriage, Donna Maria is passionate about empowering women, especially
those whose handmade toiletries businesses are helping them escape dead-
end careers or abusive relationships while increasing their earning
potential and self-esteem.

For interviews or a review copy of the book, please contact Katherine Hutt
at 703-938-4540 or

CONTACT: Katherine Hutt, 703-938-4540 or, for the Handmade Toiletries Network

SOURCE Handmade Toiletries Network

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CO: Handmade Toiletries Network

ST: District of Columbia, Washington




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