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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Q. What kinds of misuse will investigate?

A. investigates the following offenses:

  • Feedback offenses
  • Bidding offenses
  • Selling offenses
  • Contact information/identity offenses
  • Miscellaneous offenses

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Q. How do I report misuse?

A. Give a detailed account of the conflict. State what happened on a step-by-step basis from the beginning to the present. Include any email exchanged along with the full header information. (Your email program's help section can tell you how to find the full header information.) Then e-mail

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Q. What will not investigate?

A. There are many things that doesn't investigate. These include simple misunderstandings, lack of communication, user-to-user conflicts (except threats of bodily harm), and other acts that has no control over.

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Q. How does fraud differ from misuse?

A. defines fraud as a buyer sending money to a seller and then either receiving nothing or receiving an item significantly different than the one requested.

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Q. Why won't tell me what happened to my complaint?


There are many reasons why you might not get a detailed response about your complaint. There is sometimes legal action involved, and cannot comment on that. also doesn't comment on disciplinary action it takes when someone is warned, suspended, etc. If the tables were turned and you found yourself in hot water, you'd want this privacy as well.

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Q. Why do I have to try to work this out with the other person when it's clear that it's their problem in the first place?

A. Even if the problem is not your fault, asks that you take a deep breath and attempt to resolve the problem through polite and friendly communication with the other member. Remember, what you really want out of all of this is a fair resolution. If you can reach an understanding, you're a lot farther ahead because eBay's resolution may take a lot longer.

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Q. I reported my conflict yesterday and I haven't heard anything from Should I send another report?

A. No! Multiple reports will significantly slow down the investigation process. If you haven't heard from within 7 days, send another email with a copy of your previous e-mail included.

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Q. What's wrong with—you didn't take any action when I filed my complaint. Why not?
A. may have taken action that it cannot comment on due to legal and privacy reasons. Or it could be that didn't agree that there was sufficient evidence to take action. Perhaps the problem lies in a gray area, or it is something that will not investigate.

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Q. So someone broke a rule. It doesn't affect me that much so why should I get involved?
A. Because you would want others to report problems so that your own trading experience is pleasant and safer. relies on the community to help us weed out troublemakers. The next time, it could be you that is affected in a negative way.

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