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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Safe Selling and Buying is committed to providing a safe auction community for its members. We have instituted the following to promte safe selling and buying:

  1. Feedback - Auction Feedback provides a venue for members to leave comments about their experiences with other Auctions members. These comments make up a member's feedback profile, allowing members to build up their reputation in the community and earn the trust of others in the community.
  2. Customer Support - If a user believes someone is misusing Auctions, we will investigate certain situations. A list of the misuses investigates is located in the Investigations area.
  3. Understanding Auctions - Get tips on conducting safe online auctions, tips on protecting your privacy, and an explanation of what does to keep illegal and infringing items off of our site.
  4. Escrow - Members who want to involve a third party in a transaction to handle the exchange of money can use an escrow service, such as i-Escrow.
  5. Authentication & Grading - You can access third-party services, such as grading, authentication, verification, and appraisal services, to provide an expert second opinion on an item.

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