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  • - Eye Makeup Remover - Out of eye makeup remover? User petroleum jelly to take off that hard-to-remove waterproof mascara. Comments? Rate It
  • - Lipstick Variation- To make one lipstick color appear to be a variation of colors, apply different amounts of toner, till desired colr is achieved. Comments? Rate It
  • - Mascara application- when applying mascara, always have a wet cotton ball handy, to wipe away any smudging before they dry up. Comments? Rate It
  • - Longer lasting lips- To help your lipstick stay on longer, dub your lips with a little colorless ( or very lightly colored) powder before applying your lipstick. Comments? Rate It
  • - Lipstick - to check if you have on the right amount of lipstick, put your fore finger in your mouth after applying your lipstick, and pull it out gradually. Any lipstick that comes off, on your finger, is excess! Comments? Rate It
  • - Lip moisturizer- To stop lips from chapping due to dry lip sticks, use a very slight base of vaseline before applying the lipstick Comments? Rate It
  • - Naturallooking blush- to make blush more natural looking, tilt head downwards till you naturally blush, and use the blushed areas as guide lines for appling your blush. Comments? Rate It
  • - lip lining- to get a perfect lip line, get a glass of cold water, and put your pencil in it for about five minutes (with the cap on), then apply as usual. pencil will be firmer and hence produce better results. Comments? Rate It
  • - Eye makeup - When using an eye liner for the bottom eye lid, only apply the liner half way across (that is, from the inside, half way out). This allows your eyes to look fuller, and the makeup more natural. Comments? Rate It
  • - Hair glue -Out of bonding hair glue? use an oil sheen to remove the glued hair tracks. Comments? Rate It

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