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  • - Blush Naturally - Hang your head upside down for a few seconds to see where your natural flush is. Then apply blush accordingly. Comments? Rate It
  • - Brow Color - Before bleaching or coloring eyebrows, apply colored mascara to eyebrows to test the shade Comments? Rate It
  • - Foundation - To get better coverage with your foundation, try applying by "tapping" it into place instead of blending. Comments? Rate It
  • - Long Lasting Lip Color - For a long lasting matte lip color, try lining entire lips with lip liner. Add a coat of lip balm to moisturize. Comments? Rate It
  • - Lasting Lipcolor - Apply lip color, blot, dust with powder, then apply another layer of lip color to make it last Comments? Rate It
  • - Keep Powder Clean - Keep pressed powder free of oil from your face by putting puff face up towards the mirror. Comments? Rate It
  • - To lighten the color of creme eye shadows, creme blush and lipstick, mix with concealer before applying Comments? Rate It
  • - Eyebrow Control - Hair spray, clear mascara and hair/mustache wax can be use on eyebrows to keep hairs in place Comments? Rate It
  • - Mascara Tip - Replace your mascara every three months to avoid bacteria as well as unsightly clumping on eyelashes. Comments? Rate It
  • - You can change the color of one lipstick by adding face toner with an eyeshadow brush Comments? Rate It

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