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  • - Hair Build-up - Rinse 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in your hair to reduce build-up. Comments? Rate It
  • - Flat Hair- To avoid flat hair, repart your hair , once or twice during the day. Comments? Rate It
  • - Styling made easier - To make it easier to style hair, heat up styling products such as pomade, with blow dryer before appling them. This makes it easier to apply, hence easier to style. Comments? Rate It
  • - Avoid greasy hair- To aviod greasy hair, scrub scalp very lightly when washing hair. When scalp is scrubbed harshly, sebaceous glands are activated, and this produces more oils. Comments? Rate It
  • - Shiny Hair - To get hair shiny, wash and blow dry it the night before. Your own natural oils will add to making it more shiny in the morning. Comments? Rate It
  • - Dandruff be gone- To get rid of dandruff, apply one spoon each of apple cider vinegar,vodka, and warm water, and a drop of tea tree oil to hair after shampooing. Keep in overnight, and style as usual in the morning. Do not rinse out. Comments? Rate It
  • - More Volume- To increase volume in hair, put small amounts of baby powder or powder eye shadow on roots. (Make sure powder matches hair color). Comments? Rate It
  • - Split ends - to avoid split ends use a wide-tooth comb after washing your hair. Comments? Rate It
  • - Damage Test - fill a sink with water, and push your hair in it. If your hair floats, you are fine. However if your hair sinks, then it is damaged(It has holes or pores in it, that is why it sinks), and you need to get it treated. Comments? Rate It
  • - Smooth Fly-Away Hairs - If you run out of styling products, try using hand lotion to smooth hair. It can also add shine and easily washes out. Comments? Rate It

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