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  • - Preventing Chlorine Damage - Work conditioner through hair and leave in before going to the pool. Comments? Rate It
  • - Swim hair- Always wet your hair or apply conditioner before you go swimming (Hair aborbs very well, so if you do not, it will absorb the salt or chlorine in the sea or pool). If hair is already wet, absorbtion will be minimal Comments? Rate It
  • - Wet Look - To get that super shiny "wet look" with any brand hair gel, apply to hair when wet. Don't blow dry or comb hair; let it dry naturally. Comments? Rate It
  • - Scented Styles - Add a few drops of essential oil to hair gels, pomades, balms, or creams for a sweet smelling style. Comments? Rate It
  • - Curls- To make curls last longer, do not remove rollers till hair has completely cooled down. Comments? Rate It
  • - Stopping Static - Try spraying Static Guard (or similar product) on brushes and hats or rub hair with a dryer sheet to minimize static. Comments? Rate It
  • - Add Volume to Hair - Hours after styling, straight hair tends to fall flat. Part hair in different place to give it added volume. Comments? Rate It
  • - Drying Hair - When blow drying your hair, start at the roots. This will give your hair more lift and body, and also allow your hair to dry quickly. Comments? Rate It
  • Tanglewood Hairdressers of Chagrin Falls and Bainbridge - Hair salon located in Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge area specializing in hair services, skin care and nail and foot care. Questions and answers on hair and skin care. Comments? Rate It

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