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  • - Milk manicure- to make hands softer, put them in whole milk for five to ten minutes before beginning your manicure Comments? Rate It
  • - White nails- while getting a manicure, soak nails in warm soapy water with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. This will whiten your nails and get rid of yellow stains Comments? Rate It
  • - Discolored Nails- to avoid discoloring of nails, always use a base coat on nails before using colored nail polish. This stops the colored polish from being in direct contact with the nail Comments? Rate It
  • - Nail Fungus- To avoid nail fungus always use an antibacterial soap to clean your manicure tools and if possible take your tools with you when you are going to get a professional manicure. Comments? Rate It
  • - Dry Polish Fast - Speed drying by dipping nails in ice water. Comments? Rate It
  • - Avoid Nail Breakage - Wear nailpolish on longer nails frequently, either colored or clear, to re-enfroce the nail. Comments? Rate It
  • - Split nails- to avoid nails splitting, always use a moisturizer after washing your hands, and try taking some vitamins to make the nails stronger. Comments? Rate It
  • - longer nails- use darker colors and do not paint edges of nails. Comments? Rate It
  • - Filing Tip - File nails only when wearing polish to avoid spliting or breaking nails. Comments? Rate It

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