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  • - Wrinkles and fine lines - To reduce wrinkles and fine lines during the winter months, use a light layer of petroleum jelly. Comments? Rate It
  • - Comments? Rate It
  • - Dry Skin - taking hot bathes in the winter, can cause severe drying of the skin. Use a petroleum jelly based creme if you bath very frequently with hot water during the winters Comments? Rate It
  • - Removal of black heads-Use a very mild exfoliant about twice a week. Over use can be harsh on the skin and make matters worse. Comments? Rate It
  • - Neutralize Blemishes - Apply eye drops such as Visine to blemishes to reduce the redness. Comments? Rate It
  • - Adding Shine - To make your body shine, mix your favorite scented body lotion with shimmery powder and apply. Comments? Rate It
  • - Preventing Chapped Lips \96 Keep lips soft by not licking them, drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration, and applying a coating of lip balm before bed to help to moisturize lips while you sleep. When participating in outdoor activity, use a lip balm that contains a SPF of at least 15 to prevent sunburn. Add base coat of lip balm prior to applying lipstick during the dry winter months. If lips become chapped, avoid wearing lipsticks while lips are recovering as drying products in color pigments may irritate chapped lips. Tip from Mentholatum\ae, maker of Softlips\ae. Comments? Rate It
  • - Evening look- mix your scented body lotion with some shimmer powder. This will look good when you wear anything that reveals skin, like a backless dress. Comments? Rate It
  • Natural Beauty Products - Natural beauty products that will assist your skin in staying healthy and looking more beautiful. Comments? (1) Rate It

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