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  • Are You Considering Cosmetic Surgery? by Arthur William Perry & Robin Karol Levinson - Cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular ways to improve physical appearance for both men and women. As techniques grow more refined and affordable, people are flocking to aesthetic surgeons, who offer a vast array of beauty-enhancing procedures. In an accessible Q&A format, this guide provides the latest information about all aspects of cosmetic surgery, and enables readers to better understand and make informed decisions about how to proceed. US$4.79
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  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Cosmetic Surgery but Couldn't Afford to Ask by Alan Gaynor, MD - Everything You Wanted to Know About Cosmetic Surgery lives up to its title from first page to last; there's even solid information about how to take care of yourself so well that you won't need snips and tucks. (Gaynor points out that cheap moisturizers like Vaseline Intensive Care protect your skin as well as the most expensive lotions and creams advertised in Vogue and Allure.) Along with describing procedures--the latest advances, how much you should expect to pay, what results to expect, the complications that can arise--he gives detailed information on how to choose a doctor for that operation. And, like any good surgeon, he notes that sometimes what a patient needs isn't a lift or peel, but a good old-fashioned head shrinking. "Cosmetic surgery," he writes, "works best on people who are relatively content in life, who like themselves the way they are." Those people may be least likely to seek it out, but they'll be most happy with the results. US$11.20
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  • Venus Envy: A History of Cosmetic Surgery - Elizabeth HaikenDrawing on a wide array of sources--personal accounts, medical records, medical journals, and popular magazines--Venus Envy traces the quest for physical perfection through surgery from the turn of the century to the present. 47 illustrations. US$27.96
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