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  • Safe in the Sun by Mary Allen Siegel - US$7.16
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  • Sunbathing: The Healthy Way to a Perfect Tan by Sydney P. Waud - The sun enabled life to evolve on earth which makes us people of the sun and explains the biological imperative that draws us to its soothing warmth. SUNBATHING looks at this immutable connection and how, through a combination of events, a "golden tan" became a symbol of social status. Being outdoors - working, playing sports or just sunbathing - exposes us to the dangers of the sun. This book tells how to protect against overexposure to the sun with clothing, sunscreens and sunblocks and even the food we eat. It also lists the world's most popular destinations for sunworshippers with: season; temperature range; available sports; and ways to get there. US$9.95

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