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  • Fresh Escape basket - Escape the tensions of the world right in your own bathtub! This large bath-decorated box comes complete with all you'll need to get away -- a bottle of apricot shower gel, bar of apricot glycerin soap, peach-scented bath crystals, peach body splash and, to set the mood, a 12-cup bag of peach popcorn. US$44.95 plus shipping. Comments? Rate It
  • Turbo Groomer from Sharper Image - Sharper Image Design's upgraded Turbo-Groomer\99 2.0 \97 with a powerful new motor \97 features two interchangeable cutting heads, with two kinds of blade configurations, to address all of your facial grooming needs in one handy, portable device. The first cutting head has the original-style rotary blades that whirl faster than 6,000 rpm to safely remove unsightly hair from the nose and inside the ears. The second cutting head is like a mini clipper \97 with a side-to-side action \97 and is designed for the hair on the outer edges of the ear; it also deftly trims eyebrows, mustaches, beards and sideburns. $59. Comments? Rate It

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