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Ultima II Finds Women Over 45 Optimistic About the Future as the Millennium Approaches

NEW YORK, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- By 2000, more than fifty million women will be 45+. And these women are optimistic about the future, in part because they've already learned the biggest lessons of all: Family and friends come first, balance in life is everything and beauty goes far beyond mere physical perfection.

According to a nationwide survey sponsored by Ultima II, a prestige line of cosmetics and treatment products specifically geared toward the needs of women 45+, 73% of women agree that spending more time with their family is an "extremely important" goal for the new year. Interestingly, only 20% want to put more focus on their career.

"It's not that their careers aren't important to these women," according to therapist, career counselor and New York Times best-selling author, Barbara Sher. "It's more that they are comfortable with their commitments to work and want to tip the scales in favor of their family in the new year. It's a healthier attitude toward prioritizing."

Additional survey findings:

* Defining Fulfillment: Looking young is not considered important by a majority of women (56% not important). However, 96% agree that being young-at-heart is an important part of defining their happiness and fulfillment.

* Trying New Things: Women 45+ are not afraid to try new things such as tackling a new accomplishment (70% willing) or going back to school (60% willing).

* Approach to the Millennium: These women are looking forward to the new year and see it as "full of possibilities and opportunities for adventure" (94% agree) and they plan to "make the most of it" (91% agree).

* Attitudes and Opinions: Women 45+ disagree with many of the stereotypes that have been perpetuated by society over the years. Speaking from personal experience, 93% of women disagree with the idea that "it's all downhill after 30" and 83% disagree that "after 40, your life is pretty well set and not open to too much change."

Note: For the purposes of this study, women between the ages of 45 and 65 have been defined as women 45+

Ultima II commissioned Global Strategy Group to conduct a nationwide survey of 400 women between the ages of 45 and 65, a powerful and growing demographic. The survey draws national attention to the current state of mind of these influential women. The net result? 45+ women are in a state of transition, not a decline.

The survey found that when it comes to their looks, women 45+ aren't complaining. Nearly two-thirds (64%) agree that a woman isn't her most beautiful until she's at least in her 30's. And over 40% feel that they look better now than at any other point in their lives. "Beauty. It sounds frivolous and lightweight compared to the great issues in life, but at midlife it can muscle its way right into the center of our consciousness," says Sher.

But the good news from the survey is that while many women 45+ agree that their looks may not be what they once were. Their outlook on life and who they have become is more important. They are still concerned with their appearance and make an effort to look the best they can, but they no longer obsess over every flaw (94% agree).

"As a 49 year old Baby Boomer, I very much agree," says actress, singer, mom and Ultima II spokesperson, Cybill Shepherd. "When I was much younger and just about as beautiful as I was ever going to be, I wasn't nearly as comfortable with myself as I am now. Life's experiences have made me stronger...made me who I am today. My wrinkles are my badges of honor."

Additional survey findings regarding appearance:

* Weight: Some things never change. If women could magically change one thing about their appearance, they would change their weight. 55% agree that they would "magically" change their weight versus 6% saying wrinkles and 4% saying sagging skin.

* Comfort vs. Fashion: 45% of women surveyed say there is "not a chance in a million" that they would "wear unflattering clothing out in public for the sake of comfort."

* Makeup: 39% of women surveyed refuse to go out for a "big night on the town without makeup on." In fact, twice as many women chose lipstick to be the one "essential" beauty item that they would not leave home without putting on as compared to the next closest choice, moisturizer (33% vs. 14%).

* Eyes are windows to the soul: Eyes were selected as the one feature that defined women's personal beauty, both when they were in their twenties as well as now when they are 45+.

Ultima II is an internationally known brand of Revlon Consumer Products and includes such innovative product lines as Glowtion, Brighten Up, Tighten Up, Wonderwear, Beautiful Nutrient and Vital Radiance. For complete survey results, call contacts.

Note: For the purposes of this study, women between the ages of 45 and 65 have been defined as women 45+.

SOURCE Revlon Inc. Web Site:

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