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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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What's In and Out in Fall-Winter Beauty

What's In What's Out
  • Soft luminescent finish
  • Super Matte
  • Plums, browns, or burgundy lips
  • Super glossy wet lips
  • Thicker, yet perfectly shaped eyebrows
  • Thinly shaped eyebrows

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With millions of aging babyboomers, the hottest trend in the cosmetics industry is cosmeceuticals, cosmetics using active ingredients that are found in pharmaceuticals. These ingredients include cleansing agents, surfactants, emollients, fats, mineral oils, botanical extracts, and enzymes.

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Max Factor

It may be cold out there but Spring 2000 Collections from Max Factor are already heating up.


"The Midas Scent (If I could smell like Mike)"
You can, with the new fragrance
from Bijan. Read on...

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