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Fall-Winter '99 Beauty
By Elke Von Freudenberg

It's time to get ready to revamp your makeup collection once again to make way for the upcoming new makeup for Fall-Winter 1999. Can't wait for the new looks to get here? Here are some sneak peeks into what will be hot for fall and winter this year that you can start incorporating into your look right now.


WHAT'S OUT: Focusing on one part of the face, as in lips, eyes or blush only.
WHAT'S IN: Focusing on two parts of the face, as in eyes and lips, or cheeks and lips.

Makeup looks were dramatic when a completely made up face was 'it', with 3 shades of eye shadow, blush and contour, lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss. Then it all gave way to the '1' feature look. You remember; a dark lip, but no eyes, or a smoky eye, with no lips. Now we have the '2' feature look. Focus on the cheeks and lip, or a made-up eye and lip that made their way onto the runways. A hint that a return to more makeup is on it's way back, but give it about 2 years. Not used to it? Keep that one focus look for the daytime, and play with emphasizing those two features for night. You'll feel more made up, but you'll also look more elegant as well.

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