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Fall-Winter '99 Beauty
By Elke Von Freudenberg


WHAT'S OUT: Powder Blush
WHAT'S IN: Cream Blush

Want to look 5 years younger? Want to update your look in the fastest easiest way possible? In two words: Cream Blush. Yep, it's still here, and stronger than ever....think fresh, dewy, healthy. Smile, rub some cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks, and leave the powder at home. When people start asking you where you went on vacation (and you haven't left your house in years....) you'll see.

WHAT'S OUT: Heavy contouring, any pink blush
WHAT'S IN: A flush of healthy color in the red and burgundy tones

Still think contouring will give you cheekbones? Well, it really doesn't unless you're getting your picture taken. It's heavy, dark, outdated. Take the hottest color for blush this season. Think windswept, healthy apple cheeks. It's a flushed look, applied softly, sweeping on the apple of the cheek only. Across the cheekbones and nose for that soft sunburnt effect is over.

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