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Fall-Winter '99 Beauty
By Elke Von Freudenberg


WHAT'S OUT: Pinks, white, pastel blue & lilac, brown eye shadow
WHAT'S IN: Black, burgandy-gray, plum eye shadow

WHAT'S OUT: Liquid Eye Liner
WHAT'S IN: Smudged, penciled all around

For Fall-Winter 99, you'll be seeing the most beautiful warm toned grays around. Any gray touched with lilac or warm burgundy is the color of the moment. Just make sure the burgundy is more on the warm side. Grab them, use them. Focus around the lashes of the eye and smudge. Fingers again update an old perfectly applied eye to the new smudged one. Want to be trendy? Bring back that eye pencil. It's time to update. Use your shadows as liner, just smudged on. Then add black eye pencil inside the eyelid for a dramatic sharp look. The hottest look? Black eyeshadows drawn way out, bringing back deja view to the 'cat eyed' look. Strong, sharp, dramatic, only for the trendy at heart.

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