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Fall-Winter '99 Beauty
By Elke Von Freudenberg


WHAT'S OUT: Super glossy glossy wet lips.
WHAT'S IN: A deeper shade, in plums, browns, or burgundy.

WHAT'S OUT: Lip Pencils and perfectly shaped lips
WHAT'S IN: Color smudged on with fingers

Okay, put away those shiny shiny pot glosses from 3 years ago, and while you're at it, those lip pencils as well. Why? That lip line drawn to perfection is out. Super wet lips, gone. What to do? Grab that beautiful colored lip stain and finger dot it on the center of the lips, rub together, and lightly blend out to the corners of the mouth. Add some soft lip balm, vitamin E stick, or a soft shimmering gloss, and you've just updated your beauty look by 3 years. Okay, what if you can't find your lip line and don't know where to start? Grab that very light brown eye pencil, and very lightly apply as a guideline. Then smudge in with your finger. And then go from there. The hottest color for lips for Fall? Any deep berry, burgundy or red color with a blast of gold shimmer. Beautiful!

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