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Fall-Winter '99 Beauty
By Elke Von Freudenberg


WHAT'S OUT: See through skin
WHAT'S IN: Skin that looks perfect again

Nothing outdates a look faster than a thick, heavily applied foundation. Dewy skin is the key to a fresh face. Rather than apply alot of base to create perfection, spot apply concealer, or that stick foundation only where needed. Then water down your stick foundation by applying with a damp sponge or fingertips. Focus on the t-zone of the face (where trouble spots lie anyway) and fade out to the sides of the face. Want a dewier finish? Mix your sunscreen or moisturizer into your foundation before applying. Want it to last longer? Apply a light dusting of loose powder first on clean skin, then apply your moisturizer/foundation mix on top. Then lightly dust loose powder on the t-zone.

WHAT'S OUT: Super matte
WHAT'S IN: A softer luminescent finish

Want to further update your new look? Go one step further from dewy, to shimmering for an instant update.. The hottest look on the Fall Fashion runways is definitely worth doing. The trick is to apply a soft shimmering cream or dry shadow with a small blush brush to the high points of the face. Cheekbones, tip of chin, eyelids, maybe across the forehead. Go for a subtle shimmer, not a blast of frost.

The hottest trend? Use a shimmer with a different color. How about a wash of lilac shimmer? Pink shimmer? Gold shimmer? Regular silver shimmer just doesn't cut it anymore. Or try a new way to apply it. Apply your shimmer in 3 horizontal sweeps. One across the forehead, then across the cheeks going over the nose, and last, across the jaw line and chin.

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