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Brands and Manufacturers
Salons and Spas - Styling Technology Postpones Stock Offering, Announces Earnings Shortfall, and Weighs Strategic Alternatives - Working Out a Weighty Issue, Obesity Study Shows that Many Dieters Do Not Exercise
by Tammy Weber
The Associates Press - Philadelphia Inquirer NutriSystem Putting Weight into Net Diets
by Andrea Knox

P&G News Room - Creat Extra Whitening Toothpaste Receives the ADA's Seal of Acceptance - Revlon Drops Sale Plans, Reports Poor Finances; Sales Drop 34% by Gordon Fairclough, The Wall Street Journal

CNN - TravelGuide: Pursuits - Soaking in Europe's Queen of Spas: The many ways Baden-Baden can make you feel good
by Lisa Marlowe

CNN - Working out to Relax -- Fitness vacation is popular passion
from correspondent John Metaxas

CNN - Seeking Peace in a Busy Life
People come to Miraval Spa and Resort outside Tucson, Arizona, to learn to relax and live in the present moment. to Let Others Sell Products
by Rachel Beck
The Associated Press

Red Herring Online: to Make a Mint on Make-up?
by Georgie Raik-Allen Cosmeticizing the Net
by Phil Harvey

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