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Under Eye Circles Posted by BeautyCare.com
I am only 14 years old and I have dark, puffy under-eye circles. I get 6-9 hours of sleep a night and I don't smoke, and I eat pretty healthy. I don't eat a lot of red meat and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Being only 14yrs. old, I should NOT have to deal with this problem. I was wondering if you knew of any creams that help to get rid of these horrible dark, puffy circles. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. C., New Orleans, LA

"I don't think 'anyone' should have to deal with pesky under eye circles.... First off, check to see if they're hereditary. Does your mom or dad have them? That could be one reason. If not, then check to see what color your undereye circles really are. If they are blue, then the culprit is the vein that is underneath your eye, and being fair skin also means usually thin skin, thus you can see them more. If that's the case, an orange toned concealer will work to tone down the blue tones underneath your foundation. If they are more gray in color, then the culprit is lack of circulation such as not enough sleep, not enough exercise, spicy foods and even alcohol can even contribute...and usually the gray tones will fade in a few hours after you're up and about. Try a pink toned concealer to hide the gray. Physician's Formula makes great affordable concealers in different color tones.” “For puffiness, check to see that your night time moisturizer or eye cream is not the problem. Just apply to the bone around the eye, and the rest will travel inwards while you sleep. Any closer and you can wake up with puffy eyes. But unfortunately, since the darkness and puffiness are under the skin, I really don't recommend a product to 'help get rid of' since it really can't. To help with puffiness in the morning, try a cold eye compress of milk (cold milk on cotton pads) or slices of raw potato to help with the puffiness." - Elke Von Freudenberg

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