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Eye Help Posted by BeautyCare.com
I am Asian and have small eyes that slant down. What's the best way to wear eye make-up that will lift my eyes up but look really trendy? J.M., Bloomington, MN

"Rather than focusing on emphasizing the crease to 'create' an eyelid, try using a warm neutral shade, like a chestnut over the whole lid, and bringing it out upwards pass the crease. If you can see the shade when your eye is open, then you've applied it correctly. If you can't see any color, then blend upwards a bit more towards the eyebrow. Just make sure that the eyebone, underneath the eyebrow is clear of any color. Then brush a highlight shade on the eyebone. This is a great new way to uplift eyes. Great shades for Asian eyes are the new burgundies out for the fall, mauves, the new grayish purples, and warm neutral tones, like soft brown, ambers, and rusts. They make brown eyes seem warmer in tone, bringing out the gold tones in the eye." - Elke Von Freudenberg

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