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Need a Break From Work But Can't Be Gone Long? Posted by
Need a Break From Work But Can't Be Gone Long?

Women Have Discovered Long Weekend Getaways Are the Answer

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Women have discovered that long
weekend travel provides a needed respite from the hectic work schedule and
costs very little time away from the office. Long Weekends also help to
stretch valuable vacation time, allowing women to take more frequent vacations
throughout the year.
Women Traveling Together specializes in providing a wide variety of long
weekend travel destinations tailored specifically to the needs and interests
of women. Each year new destinations are on the schedule, providing women
with an ever-changing list of travel choices. This "Mini-Vacation" approach
to travel is filling a void in the travel market for women. See (800-795-7135).
"Women have very limited time to spend on themselves, so it makes sense to
find ways to maximize that time. The beauty of a four-day weekend is that
only two days of vacation have to be used. If a woman gets two weeks of
vacation, she can enjoy as many as five mini-vacations," says Debra Asberry,
president of Women Traveling Together.
The tours available through Women Traveling Together are fully escorted,
all inclusive, small groups. While a wide variety of activities are scheduled
during a trip, the emphasis is on freedom of choice. Travelers can choose to
participate in planned events or strike out on their own.
"We are proud of the fact that so many women have traveled with us
multiple times -- probably the best testimonial there is to the quality of our
tours. Women from all over the US join us for an opportunity to relax, make
some new friends, and see the sights," says Asberry.
Long Weekend trips for 2000 include Phoenix and Sedona, AZ, Mackinac
Island, MI, Seattle, WA, New York city, Washington D.C., as well as spa
weekends, golf weekends, and ski weekends. In addition, Women Traveling
Together also offers travel to Canada, Europe and Australia this year.
"In addition to scheduled tours, we also offer exceptional discounts on
airline tickets to Europe, Africa and Australia for the independent traveler"
says Asberry. "We are able to pass on our group discounts, which translates
to big savings for women traveling alone."
Women can sign up for a tour or to take advantage of other services by
going to or calling 1-800-795-7135.

SOURCE Women Traveling Together

-0- 03/23/2000

/CONTACT: Debra Asberry, President of Women Traveling Together,

800-795-7135, or

Web Site: /

CO: Women Traveling Together

ST: Maryland




-- NYFNSJ07 --

9547 03/23/2000 05:12 EST

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