World's Fragrance Leader Moves to New Offices

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World's Fragrance Leader Moves to New Offices Posted by
World's Fragrance Leader Moves to New Offices

Coty Inc. Complements Its Corporate Direction
With New Offices at Landmark 1 Park Avenue

NEW YORK, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Coty Beauty, the U.S. division of Coty
Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of mass-market fragrance and a leader
in the category of personal care products, announced in November 1999 that the
company leased 100,000 square feet of office space on two full floors at
1 Park Avenue, a pre-war building located between 32nd and 33rd Streets in
Manhattan. The new space will unite 250 marketing, sales and product
development executives currently working for both Coty Beauty and Lancaster
Group, Coty Inc.'s prestige division, which manufactures and markets fragrance
for Davidoff, Jil Sander, Vivienne Westwood and Isabella Rossellini among
others. The renovation of the space is being overseen by Sidnam Petrone
Gartner Architects, a New York design firm, and will be completed in July
The renovation is designed to support Coty's dynamic corporate culture:
although originally founded in 1904, Coty as it exists today was formed in
1996 and is a growing international company with annual sales in excess of
$1.7 billion. With this in mind, Sidnam Petrone Gartner designed a space that
is beautiful, spare and style-conscious, and invites interactivity between the
company's divisions and their employees.
Designing of the space, Sidnam Petrone Gartner worked closely with Coty's
Douglas Toews, the company's executive vice president, Ideas+Image, and Coty
Beauty president Eric Thoreux. One design mandate was great attention to
detail and an inventive use of humble, cost-effective building materials that
would enhance the look and feel of the finished space. Sidnam Petrone Gartner
elected to allow plastics, acrylic and plexi-glass to play prominently in the
design, and serve as materials for light fixtures, office ceilings and walls,
and product display niches. The design firm used plexi-glass coupled with a
honeycomb material invented for aircraft lining to discreetly provide a hint
of the activity within the figural free-standing conference rooms. Additional
details include lightly stained and clear finished woods for work surfaces,
built-in storage, and display cabinetry.
The overall design will create an atmosphere that is clean, structured and
interactive and will support the working relationships of Coty's employees as
the company continues to grow and lead the marketplace as one of the world's
largest manufacturers and marketers of fragrance, skin care and personal care
products. Additional information on Coty is available at

SOURCE Coty Inc.

-0- 05/18/2000

/CONTACT: Arthur Gallego, Corporate Communications, of Coty Inc.,


Web Site: /

CO: Coty Beauty; Coty Inc.

ST: New York




-- NYTH010 --

6082 05/18/2000 06:00 EDT

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