Michelle Pfeiffer and the Latest in Beauty in August Allure

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Michelle Pfeiffer and the Latest in Beauty in August Allure Posted by BeautyCare.com
Michelle Pfeiffer and the Latest in Beauty in August Allure

NEW YORK, July 26 /PRNewswire/ --

In her latest movie, What Lies Beneath, Michelle Pfeiffer plays wife to
Harrison Ford. (About whom she says, "However much presence he has on-screen,
which is a lot, he has even more in person. And it was alarming to me
initially.") In life, Pfeiffer is married to TV writer/producer David E.
Kelley, of Ally McBeal and The Practice. He, too, is a superstar, but she
believes that "it's rare that you find someone as successful as he is who has
the kind of dignity that he has. I admire him so much. I think that respect
is one of the sexiest things in a relationship. I mean, it really -- to me --
is what keeps it alive." About her age, she says, "I really haven't worried
about my age much since I became a parent. That biological clock was really
setting off alarm bells." As a parent, Pfeiffer worries about the privilege
and burden of being famous, but she simply smiles and says, "Like all parents,
we're just going to do the best we can, hold our breath, and hope we've set
enough money aside for their therapy."

ALLURE A TO Z (The Latest in Beauty)
-- Wispful Thinking: A new appreciation for the wispy bangs has taken
root: Calista Flockhart is enjoying new, short fringe; Heather
Locklear, a longer, lid-grazing veil; and Cindy Crawford has committed
to a fresh set of wisps. Hairstylist Stephen Knoll says that fringe
can shorten a long face or soften strong features and "can be very sexy
and modern."
-- The Perks of Caffeine: Now you can get a caffeine fix from a variety
of new products -- including lipsticks (Hard Candy's Lipachino, Latte
Lip, and Cafe O Lip), moisturizers (Origins Have a Nice Day
moisturizer), and cellulite creams (Clarins Body Lift 2000) which all
boast caffeine as an active ingredient. "Caffeine works wonders for
puffy eyes and soothing skin tone," says New York dermatologist Pat
Wexler, because it acts as a diuretic, drawing water from cells and
reducing swelling.

According to a study by New York dermatologist Pat Wexler, more than
65 percent of women believe they have sensitive skin. But almost a quarter of
those cases "are actually reactions caused by applying too many products,"
Wexler says. "These are two very different things."
-- Many companies offer oil-free and fragrance-free makeup that is safe
for covering and coloring even sensitive skin. We like Neutrogena
Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup and Almay One Coat 3-in-1 Color Stick in
-- Try 1 percent cortisone cream to calm skin that is itchy or inflamed.
-- Reduce inflammation with cold milk compresses several times a day.

SOURCE Allure Magazine

-0- 07/26/2000

/CONTACT: Marie Jones, 212-286-4155, or Abby Baine, 212-286-4588, both of

Allure Magazine/

CO: Allure Magazine

ST: New York




-- NYW074 --

5720 07/26/2000 16:00 EDT http://www.prnewswire.com

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