Penreco Introduces New Versagel(TM) MP - Ideal for Sun Screens, Sun Blocks, Other Skin Care and Cosmetic Uses

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Penreco Introduces New Versagel(TM) MP - Ideal for Sun Screens, Sun Blocks, Other Skin Care and Cosmetic Uses Posted by
Penreco Introduces New Versagel(TM) MP - Ideal for Sun Screens, Sun Blocks, Other Skin Care and Cosmetic Uses;
New Gelled Fatty Esters Can Be Used in a Variety of Personal Care Applications

HOUSTON, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Penreco has introduced a new line of
gelled fatty esters that are being used in several formulated sun screens, sun
blocks, shower moisturizers and other cosmetic and body lotion products. The
new patented Versagel(TM) MP products have a unique property for suspension
capability for fine particles.
"We have found Versagel MP an excellent base for sunscreens, after sun
soothing gels and body lotions of all types," said Lin Lu Healy, a research
associate at Penreco Technology Center. "As gelled esters, we find Versagel
MP products easy to formulate. And, their unique quality of being able to
suspend fine particles or encapsulated liquids make Versagel MP an excellent
vehicle for such applications as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide,
talc, decorative glitters and encapsulated nutrients such as Vitamin E and
Vitamin C."
The base used in Versagel MP is isopropyl palmitate, a fatty ester of
isopropyl alcohol and palmitic acid. The new Versagel MP line of products
exhibits extraordinarily good clarity, excellent thermal and UV stability and
a versatile chemical compatibility. Versagel MP products are stable and
compatible with most chemical ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care
"Because of the nature of the gellant system in the Versagel MP series of
products, the gel not only adds rich body to the formulation, but also works
as a good film former," said Healy.
The Versagel MP series belongs to a family of hydrocarbon gels which are
considered non-toxic according to OSHA standards.
Penreco offers specialty hydrocarbons to a myriad of industries, including
cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hair and skin care, agriculture, textiles,
drilling, ore flotation, printing, paint manufacturing, waterproofing, baking,
candle making and others. Headquartered in Houston, Penreco is a partnership
between Pennzoil-Quaker State Company and Conoco Inc.
For more information, contact Penreco at the company's Web site,

Contacts: Ed Potter, Penreco
(713) 236-6967

Mickey Gentry
Pierpont Communications
(713) 627-2223, ext. 104

SOURCE Penreco

-0- 09/08/2000

/CONTACT: Ed Potter of Penreco, 713-236-6967; or Mickey Gentry of

Pierpont Communications, 713-627-2223, ext. 104, for Penreco/

Web Site: / /

CO: Penreco; Pennzoil-Quaker State Company; Conoco Inc.

ST: Texas




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0466 09/08/2000 15:30 EDT

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