The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth Is Now Affordable for All

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The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth Is Now Affordable for All Posted by
The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth Is Now Affordable for All

In Less than One Year Dr. Johns SpinBrush is #1 Selling Toothbrush in America

CLEVELAND, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- You may not know it, but there's a
toothbrush revolution going on!
During the past six months hundreds of thousands of people a week have
been switching from manual toothbrushes to Dr. Johns SpinBrush -- a new,
highly effective $5.99 electric toothbrush. The SpinBrush has quickly become
the number one selling toothbrush in America (based on I.R.I. data) passing
such elite brands as Oral B, Colgate, Crest and Reach. In fact by mid-
November of this year, the SpinBrush is projected to have more than 10 percent
market share of all the toothbrushes in the U.S.
Where did the SpinBrush come from and why is it changing the way people
The first innovative toothbrush in more than 50 years, the SpinBrush is a
creation of four close friends that were looking for a way to make an
effective electric toothbrush that everyone could afford. They formed their
company Dr. Johns Products Ltd., and brought their SpinBrush to market in
October 1999.
The SpinBrush's patented design features both stationary and high-speed
oscillating bristles, enabling people to use the manual brushing motion they
are used to, while providing the enhanced benefits of plaque removal and gum
stimulation associated with electric brushes. The $5.99 suggested retail
price, including alkaline batteries, makes it possible for consumers to try an
electric toothbrush for just a dollar or two more than what they have been
paying for years for a manual toothbrush.
The company has received thousands of unsolicited testimonials from dental
professionals and SpinBrush users, most of whom have never used an electric
toothbrush before, who excitedly relate the benefits of the product such as:

* better cleaning action that results in whiter teeth and healthier gums
* affordability -- the entire brush, including batteries is less expensive
than a refill for leading electric models
* ability to motivate children to brush longer and more often

Dr. Johns carries three versions of the SpinBrush at a suggested retail
price of $5.99 - $6.99. All of the products are packaged with a unique "Try
Me" feature on the front that allows consumers to push a button and actually
see how the SpinBrush works. The SpinBrush product line includes:

* Classic (Adult) - The newest SpinBrush version, this white brush is
available with four different accent colors, and features a wide base
suitable for standing the product upright in the medicine cabinet or on
the countertop. Includes two AA alkaline batteries.
* Youth - Sleek and stylish, this original design comes in five vibrant
colors. Includes two AAA alkaline batteries.
* Child - Available in a mermaid and a race car design, this brush was
designed especially for children and is geared to meet their special
needs, including young people with braces. Includes two AAA alkaline

"Our goal was to create a breakthrough product that made the highest
quality dental hygiene an affordable option for everyone," explains John
Osher, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Johns Products, Ltd. "The
unbelievable success of the product in its first year on the shelves
illustrates that there was an untapped need in the marketplace. We are
extremely excited about this product and unabashedly call it a revolution in
the oral care industry."
The Dr. Johns SpinBrush is available nationally at virtually every major
mass merchandiser, drug store, grocery store and warehouse club.
Dr. Johns Products, Ltd. is the Cleveland, OH-based manufacturer of the
SpinBrush, the number one selling toothbrush in America. Dr. Johns has taken
on the established names in the oral care industry, with expected second year
sales of more than $100 million. For more information on Dr. Johns Products
and the SpinBrush, visit the company's website at .

SOURCE Dr. Johns Products

-0- 10/18/2000

/NOTE TO EDITORS: For electronic versions of media materials, as well as

product photography, please visit the company's website at or call the contacts listed below./

/CONTACT: Jennifer Walker of Wyse Landau Public Relations, 216-736-4443;

or Jessica Spirk of Dr. Johns Products, 216-896-9800/

Web Site: /

CO: Dr. Johns Products, Ltd.

ST: Ohio




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2951 10/18/2000 05:20 EDT

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