DazzleDerm Introduces Skin Rx for Busy Women

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DazzleDerm Introduces Skin Rx for Busy Women Posted by BeautyCare.com
DazzleDerm Introduces Skin Rx for Busy Women

CHICAGO, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- DazzleDerm today announced the
introduction of DazzleDerm (TM) Buffing Soap Bag, a clever mesh bag that
transforms bars of soap into a skin exfoliator that creates oodles of lather.
The DazzleDerm Soap Bag was created by a busy executive who didn't have time
during the workweek to fuss with liquid soap and a puff, but hated to wait for
the weekend to have the silky smooth skin that buffing provides.
"Daily exfoliation reduces the appearance of wrinkles, helps skin absorb
moisturizers and even helps make-up go on more evenly," said Sally Kroha,
inventor of the DazzleDerm Soap Bag, which lets you clean and buff your skin
in one simple step.
To use the DazzleDerm Soap Bag, simply insert your favorite bar soap into
the bag, close the drawstring, place your hand through the mesh handle. Then
watch it lather up while you gently buff away dead skin cells. The smart mesh
handle keeps soap from slipping out of your hand. And when you're done
buffing and lathering, the DazzleDerm Soap Bag can be hung up to dry so you
can say goodbye forever to soft, waterlogged soap.
The DazzleDerm Soap Bag is available in two styles -- the Dual Buff Bag,
which features a fine textured mesh on one side and a coarser mesh on the
other, and the Extra Buff Bag which features a coarser mesh on both sides. A
great stocking stuffer, the DazzleDerm Soap Bag can be found in Chicago at
Osco Drug stores.
DazzleDerm, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago. The company was started by
Sally S. Kroha, a former Quaker Oats marketing executive. Additional
information is available at http://www.DazzleDerm.com .

CONTACT: Sally Kroha, President of DazzleDerm, Inc., 312-673-8162, fax,

732-368-5099, email, sally@DazzleDerm.com, or Web, http://www.DazzleDerm.com .

This release was issued through DigitalWork.com - Your Business Workshop

For more information visit http://www.digitalwork.com .

SOURCE DazzleDerm, Inc.

-0- 11/21/2000

/CONTACT: Sally Kroha, President of DazzleDerm, Inc., 312-673-8162, fax,

732-368-5099, or email, sally@DazzleDerm.com/

Web Site: /http://www.digitalwork.com /

Web Site: /http://www.DazzleDerm.com /

CO: DazzleDerm, Inc.

ST: Illinois




-- CGTU037 --

6445 11/21/2000 12:54 EST http://www.prnewswire.com

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