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Kol Body and Bath Products

Category: Other Review Number: 7
Date Posted: 02/12/2005 Rating: 5

Beauty Review Comments
KölDesign's Köl line of body and bath products focuses on travel and destination, each product having a fragrance that invokes the top-note of an alluring location (such as its Bethlehem and Curacao foaming baths) or whose base has ingredients indigenous to a location (such as its Noordhoek "mix-your-own" facial mask that comes from South Africa).

Although I started off with some suspicion, Köl products made me a believer. They enchant the senses, invoke memories and ease the mind. Don't sell yourself short by being scared off by the exotic names of some of the products or the "mix-your-own" concept in facials and scrubs. KölDesign has managed to create one of the rare body and bath product lines that is both attractive (i.e., sleek, minimalist and gender-neutral) and top notch in quality and scents.

Celebrity fans (according to the company web site, include Tom Cruise, John Cusack, Julianne Moore, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Uma Thurman, Jack Black, Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan, John Travolta, Adrian Brody, Tim Robbins, Eugene Levy, Sean Connery, Sigourney Weaver and Owen Wilson. All Köl products are non-gender, which perhaps accounts for why so many male celebs feel comfortable using them and having them in their bathrooms. Köl is definitely more chic than chick!

I am a bath aficionado, so I take care when I choose soap. While milled soaps last longer than glycerin soaps, I always choose results over economy. As a humectant, glycerin promotes retention of moisture. Most commercial milled soaps have their glycerin removed which can leave skin dry and itchy after use. Glycerin soaps leave skin silky and soft. Köl offers a full range of scented and unscented glycerin soaps that don't last as long as a milled soap, but are extremely thoughtful of your skin, leaving it well moisturized after a hot bath.

I cannot do the Köl brand justice without praising its Skin Care Line that offers “mix-your-own” facials and scrubs. Köl consumers can create warm facials or scrubs for a true "spa at home" [or "spa on the road"] experience. By adding warm water to Köl's natural clay and herb bases, we can all enjoy a thermal benefit that pre-mixed masks and scrubs are unable to offer. The heat of Köl's warm masks and scrubs opens pores to allow for greater penetration and more effective cleansing of impurities from the skin. The dry formulas also retain their freshness and efficacy without requiring preservatives or other chemical additives that are common to premixed formulas.

Reviewer Information
Contact: Kat Wilson
New York, New York 10023
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