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Trends | filmy z shemal | [url][/url]
levan cokolwiek@costam.comi am very depressed with my curly hairs they really look horrible i have also listened about problems with stratening hairs but please help me if anyone can i also want that everybody look me with happy face not with terrible mood
Manil chaudhary | filmy z shemal | [url][/url]
levan cokolwiek@costam.comhai this is hair is very dry and becoming rough too.. its becoming curly also..can u please suggest me how do i take care to soften my hair make turn to straigt hairwith rich look pls advice me
shalu have my hair problem. It's a naturally curly hair and frizzy. I have tried to straightened it, but still became more please send me advice or tips to solve this problem.
mac_k mharl05_ohms@yahoo.comi'm 19 .i've thick and long hair.but my hair is changed to brown . nowadays hair falling is increased . split ends is seen from top to bottom.sometimes my hair looks alive .my hair is dry.i'll have hair bath on oily hair daily. please help me. what should i do? is there any problem if i straighten my hair?
sivapriya shiva_rjn@yahoo.comhi im natasha i hve a major prb can u plz help me to solve it, act my hands and my feet always keeps perspiring CN U PLEASE ADVISE ME SOMETHNG SO AS TO AVOID THIS PROB
natasha naatasha555@yahoo.comhi
please solve my problem ihave blackheads on my nose and lips side.Ialso have problem of foling hair hope u will solve my problem.Iam about 15years old
Rabia nasir cutetaurus2003@yahoo.comGreat resources you got here honey - am enjoying exploring your fabulous site.
Karla karla32@hotmail.comFrizzy hair is my problem
Love to try the masgara and waterproof masgara is too hard to get off! Stay on easy off is what I want.
Carol ccrew1@sympatico.camy hair keeps breaking of it is all was nappy, no matter how many times i go to the hair dreeser no out come. i greese my hair once a week.i wash my hair every 1-2 weeks. can some please tell me what I am doing wrong. also I am only 12 yers old and I hate going to school with my hair looking a mees
Shakina anastasha399939992000try handmaiden soaps products its the best on the planet. i used it
sandra Hi, I have hair problem.Its very thin and it break very easily it is dry also.So for silky,thick,and unbreakable hair give me some advice please.
Tasfiya Shaikh tasu_1432000@yahoo.comMy age is 22. I have very light and thin texture of hair from the birth. I want thick hair on my scalp. Please advice me some medicine, Shampoo or some oil so that the volume of my hair increases.
Simran i know you must have heard the same problem. over and over its about my hair but the thing is my story is a bit different from everyone elses.see i have very dry, long fine curly hair.and im fine i eat healthy i mean i know how to take care of it but i have so much hair and i wasnt born with curly hair i had beautiful straight hair but it suddenly changed when i was about 11 years old im 15 now .i can barely brush it i would give anything to have it the way it was i mean it kills me to put gel and stuff because i dont just want it to only look nice but i want it to be healthy i love longhair but sometimes when i think about how it was to how it is it makes me want to cry i hate to see everyone with that straight hair why couldnt it stay the way it was everyone loves my hair the way its styled but that because they havent seen it out i dont know what to do anymore it seems i tried everything "i need a miricle" :(
vanessa borreroj123@comcast.nethai,
i have dry hair ,after shampoo it,it doesnt looks shiny or straight,what shampoo we use to look shiny and soft as silk.i like my hair to leave straight too
latha anuvrind_xp@yahoo.comMy hair is frizzy AND has flyaways it is soo hard to tame.How can i get it to be nice and soft and silky and shiny thankz alot for helping me
kk downazchick1880@aol.comhi..i have this L'Oreal waterproof mascara and its really really hard to come off. Ive tried everything. It really is waterproof; and i curl my eye lashes but even if i go underwater its still stays curly. Well i tried the waterproof make up remover and some vaseline and still it wont work. Does anybody have any other ways of taking it off? Pls help
Janika kgp126@yahoo.comhow do u faid or get rid of just coloured hair??

Christine stine523@hotmail.comhi i think the web site is really good, i would like to try some samples, how do i do that? thanx x
nicola hampton
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