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I went to Smart Style Salon at Suffolk, Virginia , Walmart, for a color and cut.I am a 55 year old professional woman, and told the manager precisely what I wanted...a cut that was not too short due to the fact that my hair is fine, and I needed to tease for volume.The color was poor, but I could work on that. The nightmare was that my hair was cut so short, that after 2 weeks growth,it still stands up straight on my head ! Throughout the entire cutting process, I kept worriedly asking the "Manager" who did my hair, not to cut too short. She actually ignored me, and smiling stated she was "not going to give me a baldy". I was in shock as she spiked my hair using a glob of fixative ! I am still struggling with my hair everyday, and I certainly would never return nor recommend anyone to her or that salon. I would like to sue for the utter despair this has caused me. I would like to see this poor excuse of a hairdresser fired.

Jan Salotto Memajaninva@msn.comI sent you an e-mail earlier today. I just wanted to let you know that the location I was referring to was in Jonesboro, Arkansas at Wal-Mart on Parker Road.

Thank you,
jeannette brown jnethb@yahoo.comI called on Saturday, January 25, 2003 to ask what time they opened on Sunday, which is today. They told me at 11:00 am. I was there 15 minutes early and waited until 11:55 a.m. After I returned home I called and no one answered until 12:28 p.m. The Lady I spoke to said she was not scheduled to come in until 12:00. What happened to the 11:00 a.m. opening. Another issue is they do not staff enough employees on Saturday and Sunday. A lady that was sitting with me said they only had one employee working yesterday. I work in Human Resource and it is management's responsibility to make sure the employees are there on time. If not, they are disciplined and if it continues they are terminated. It appears to me that management is just as bad because the cashiers at Wal-Mart say this happens everyday. I called Wal-Mart's manager and he gave me the information so I could call the Corporate office. I will also be contacting Wal-Mart. Why would Wal-Mart want to be associated with a company that treats their customers this way. Yes, I go to this salon because I am already at Wal-Mart and I work during the week and it was convenient.

Jeannette Brown

jeannette brown jnethb@yahoo.comI went to a Smart Style salon in WalMart in Johnson City, Tennessee, and had my hair completely ruined. I had my hair colored. I explained to the stylist what I wanted: Brown base color with blonde highlights. (which was very close to the color at that time) I showed her pictures so their would be no confusion. Well, 3 hours later, I had strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights. I flipped! I told her I would come back the next afternoon so that she could "fix" it. The next day, she said she would add some brown into my hair. When she dried my hair, the top half (from my ears up) was dark ashy brown with white highlights,and the bottom half was strawberry blonde! In addition, she burned the top of my scalp under the dryer. She refused to admit that she did anything wrong, and offered no solutions. She just stood there like an idiot. I got my money back, but she refused to give me the $5 tip back that I had given her the day before. (I had tipped her in a good faith effort--giving her the chance to correct her mistake.) They claimed that there was no manager working that evening that I could talk to. I left furious. I had to pay a reputable salon $100 the next day to correct the hair-color disaster Smart Style had caused.
Kathy Lynd Lynd@mail.etsu.eduIt was my daughter's birthday, and she wanted a perm as her present. So I sent her to smart styles.(I had called ahead about prices) My daughter has long hair but it is not extremely thick hair. 2 hrs later and 5 perm solutions the bill was $90.00. I have talked with several stylist they all say they never have used 5 perm solutions. I have permed her hair myself and only used 2 solutions. I feel this was extremely excessive. At the most 3 solutions should have done it. They also used peach rods so tight curl was not the goal.
Melba nanasplace12@hotmail.comI walked in to one of your salons with my eight year old daughter last night. The previous evening I called to see if a beautician could french braid her hair because she was going on a trip and to make an appointment. The person on the other end of the phone said, "yes," just bring her in because it is a walk in only. I drove thirty miles and when I got there the next evening there were two beauticians without clients. I told them I had called and what I wanted. They informed me that they could not french braid my daughter's hair because they had no rubberbands. We are at Walmart. But, they could not do it because they had no rubberbands. I walked out with a child in tears! Thank you.
Christina Zinn
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