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Dear Salon Professional:

What services can be added to a salon that will cater to existing clientele, offer low start-up costs and high profit potentials, and can be implemented quickly to add a solid, service-based foundation? The answer is herbal body wrap services.

How many people do you know that are unhappy with the way their body looks? Health and Fitness will always be a concern in people’s lives. 70% of Americans are on a diet sometime or another. Plastic surgery has become the weight reduction choice of the century, making plastic surgeons very wealthy. It brings new meaning to the concept, "living off the fat of the land." Baby boomers burnt out on fad diets, exercise gimmicks and surgical approaches to shedding inches have turned to the more natural methods of body wraps to rid themselves of stubborn fat and cellulite. Now there is a safe, economical, healthy, all-natural alternative. The Herbal Body Wrap.

The Health and Beauty industry generates over $6 billion dollars in sales in the United States alone. Herbal Body Wraps fit perfectly in this market. While diet and exercise are important the wraps take over where they leave off. The Herbal Body Wrap is a highly sought after service and is nationally recognized. Many people have heard of the body wrap and are interested but just don’t know where to go.

I am Rhonda Crosby, a body wrap trainer with Body Wrap Dynamics. The parent company I am associated with is Life Force, International. I have been in the health and beauty industry for 16 years.

If you are searching for better health for yourself and your family, Life Force products can help.

Over 6000 doctors have recommended these products to their patients. The Key is absorption. It has been documented; in a pill or tablet form your body absorbs only 10 to 20% of the nutrients, versus 98% in a liquid form. You will feel the difference with these liquid based nutrients. Stop throwing your money away on fistfuls of pills and tablets.

"I feel liquid nutrients are like a computer and pills are like a typewriter.

Once someone types a letter on a computer and sees how superior it is, they never want to touch a typewriter again”.

- David Friedman DC, ND in Chiropractic Economics

Edwin Moses, New World Record Holder and Gold and Silver Medalist in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, is among many Athletes who are switching to liquid nutrition as support for their health, vitality and endurance.

Many celebrities use our products including such names as Sharon Stone, Cher, Shirley Maclaine, and Madonna to name a few. Dr. Leroy Perry, 5- time US Olympic doctor has recommended these products and Dr. William Saccoman a former associate of the Nobel Prize winning physician Dr. Linus Pauling is Chief of our Medical Advisory board.

The wraps can be done anywhere. You can open a body wrap shop or start a home-based wrap business. You could travel to client’s homes or offices. Very little space is required to do the wraps. They can be done in a room as small as 10’ by 10’. Basically you will need a place for the client to dress and undress, an area to do the measuring and wrapping and an area for the client to relax while wrapped. A massage table or reclining facial chair can be used. A room with a bathroom works well. You could use screens or curtains to partition off areas of a room. In the case of a home wrap business, the client can dress in the bathroom, be wrapped in the kitchen and lie down in a folding lounge chair in the living room.

The herbal body wrap makes a great add on service for hair nail and tanning salons, massage therapists, chiropractors and fitness centers.

According to industry experts, body wraps can transform a traditional tanning hair or nail salon into a highly profitable multi-service tanning and day spa facility. And, in some cases, it may be only a matter of months before a body wrap business is generating as much income as the other services in the business. In addition, by providing body wrap services, salons steadily can increase their year-round profitability. Body wraps are a perfect complement to a tanning and hair salon as the existing customer base already is committed to improving their appearance and how they feel about themselves.

Herbal body wraps are not a 'silver bullet' to long-term weight problems. However, they also are not a water-loss process or 'snake oil' that will compromise a salon's reputation. The product and techniques really do shed inches through a biological process that can be proven and when coupled with proper exercise and nutrition, they are extremely effective for size reduction and overall body cleansing.

The opportunity for body wrap and body treatment services for the salon owner is tremendous. Most of the techniques used for body wraps do not require a state license such as would be necessary for massage, hair or nail services. Check with your city or state offices. You set the price. Prices vary nationwide starting at $50 per wrap up to $150.

Once you begin to do the wraps your business will grow simply through word-of-mouth. Since it is different and interesting, you’ll find it easy to receive free publicity from newspapers, radio station etc. People will want to talk about it and share their experience.

There are other body wraps available for you to use in your wrap business. Most are either water loss or compression wraps. Unlike our competitors, we do not require you to purchase a license for thousands of dollars just to use the products. Membership is FREE! You can purchase one herbal body wrap solution or 100. There is no inventory to maintain. All customers purchase for the same wholesale price of $19.00 for each wrap. By enrolling for free as a member you would have the advantage of purchasing your wraps for $17.00 each or $15 each when purchasing in volume packs of 10. I can even show you how you could be getting your products for free. We also provide additional weight loss and nutritional products that complement the herbal body wrap for additional revenue.

The wraps are easy to learn. I will provide you with all the instruction materials, training and resources you need to be successful. If interested, You can contact me at 718-378-2899 or by email: You are invited to listen in on our monthly body wrap training calls, the first Sunday of every month. 580-431-8004 code 8493; 6PM Pacific time

To your health and success,
Rhonda Crosby



1) What are the ingredients of the body wrap? (Does the company hide them?)

Our Herbal Body Wrap ingredients:

Aloe Vera, Alfalfa, Burdock, Capsium, Chickweed, Comfrey, Cornsilk, Dandelion, Eninecia, Fennel, Genetian, Ginger, Garlic, Hathorne Berries, Kelp, Parsley, Peppermint, Papaya, Red Clover, Sea Vegetation, Yarrow, Yellow Dock, Non-Volcanic Montmorillinite, Magnesium Sulfate.

2) Does the company offer a 45-day Satisfaction Guarantee like we do?

(The competitor for the alleged "$2.25 per wrap" does not accept returns on their products. I quote them, "Due to the nature of the product there are no returns on body wrap supplies." Ask yourself why? Isn't that a bit suspicious? Where's their satisfaction guarantee? I couldn't find it. I also couldn't find any testimonials from satisfied customers either.)

Our 45-Day Written Product Guarantee.

Customer Product Guarantee:

If a customer cancels an order placed directly with LFI within 72 hours of purchase, LFI will refund 100% of the purchase price, including shipping fees and tax (if applicable) Life Force will process refunds within ten days of receipt of product.

f, after purchasing a Life Force product and using it for a reasonable amount of time, you are not completely satisfied, simply contact the customer service department and one of our representatives will assist you with a 100% refund, exchange, or replacement, less shipping costs, when goods are returned either used or unused and postmarked within 45 days of purchase.

Once received by LFI, refunds will be issued within 30 days of receipt by the shipping department. Returns exceeding 45 days of purchase will not be honored, whether the product is sealed or opened. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. Invoices are required for all refunds, exchanges, and replacements.

(Note: Used terry wrap cloths are not returnable for sanitary reasons.)

3) Is it PERMANENT inch loss? ... actual FAT cell shrinkage? For our one and only "Herbal Body Wrap", absolutely YES. Does it state this on the LABEL of the product? Ours does.

Right on the label, our manufacturer states specifically that our exclusive Herbal Body Wrap formula shrinks fat cells PERMANENTLY. This is NOT temporary water loss. Ask if our competitors' product label says this? (surprise, surprise. ;-) )

Our label states:
"Herbal Body Wrap is a scientifically balanced blend of 23 herbs and minerals enhanced with sea vegetation to cleanse the body of toxins, and reduce inches by firming and toning the skin.

Developed in Germany and clinically tested in Japan, the Herbal Body Wrap works by actually shrinking fat cells.

Select herbs and sea vegetation provide nutrients that penetrate cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty materials) inside the cells to be released into the lymphatic system.

The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body, resulting in natural and permanent inch loss (not temporary compression or water loss).

Results are guaranteed following four full applications."

Strong claim, huh. Of course this could not be said unless it was true. Does the competitor dare claim the above? No. Ask yourself why.

Herbal Body Wrap has even been scrutinized and has passed Canadian regulation, and is shipped from WITHIN CANADA from our BC warehouse. (Canada is one of the strictest countries regarding health products.) Ask if the competitors product is approved in Canada, and shipped from WITHIN Canadian borders.

4) Where's the research?

Special Report by Dr. Kagemoto Yuasa of Chukyo University

"We conducted a research of how effectively your herbal powder would burn fat cells and we found it to be very effective with fast action.

Basic procedure is to apply the herbal solution made from the powder to the body and relax for about an hour. While you are relaxing, the herbs will be absorbed into the skin though the pores and the sweat glands to melt subcutaneous fat and cellulite. Then liquified fat will travel through blood and lymph glands to be excreted outside of the body.

The herbal solution will promote the reduction of subcutaneous fat. The fat cell is surrounded by fatty substance. Herbs and minerals saturate to the wall of the cell and work to release accumulated fat inside the cell (osmosis action). The excess substance that was liquified by the herbs goes through blood circulation to the lymph system to excrete from the body. This is a normal excretion action that cleanses the excessive fatty substance from our body.

The herbal solution has been noted to burn subcutaneous fat and cellulite within an hour and that gives fast reduction of fat in thickness, which we were able to measure through ultrasonic photography."

Kagemoto Yuasa M.D.

Department of Physical Education

Chukyo University

5) Is the wrap a "compression wrap" where you dehydrate and lose water?

For us, an emphatic NO. Our Herbal Body Wrap Program does not use water loss as a method to lose weight/inch loss to look slimmer.

Our competitors will offer to sell you "booties" for your feet to "catch the water."

We consider this suspicious and wonder ... "what water?" What's the deal with all the water loss with their system?

Also, we don't use "ace bandages", which are uncomfortable elastic stretching wrap material to tightly wrap and squeeze the body (compress it). Instead, our system uses comfortable terry wrap cloths made of 100% cotton, designed to simply hold the warm liquid solution against your body.

In addition, you do NOT exercise during our Herbal Body Wraps. You just lay down, relax, and read if you wish.

So you see, their alleged "herbal body wraps" are not the same as our Herbal Body Wrap program, yet they're apparently confusing the consumer by calling their product an "herbal body wrap." (Notice they do not use capitals like ours?)

Our Herbal Body Wraps don't work by making you sweat out water (dehydration or water compression). Again, our system actually shrinks fat cells, not lose water. (Water loss can be dangerous!) We encourage you to DRINK lots of water to ASSIST flushing your body of excess fatty material.

All of us have the same number of fat cells. It's the state of these fat cells is what counts. They can expand and they can shrink. When you diet or work out, you don't lose fat cells, you lose the "subcutaneous fat" inside the cell.

Our herbs and minerals saturate to the wall of the cell and work to release accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell (osmosis action).

The excess substance liquified by the herbs goes through blood circulation to the lymph system to excrete from the body. This is a normal excretion action that cleanses the excessive fatty substance from the body, and the excess material is flushed out through the lymphatic system, your normal elimination processes.

The Herbal Body Wrap has been Clinically tested (see above report) with Hydrostatic Weight Testing and Ultrasonic Photography, and this European formula has and is helping thousands of satisfied customers.

6) Does the company offer you real LIVE Product Conference Calls 5 days a week, with LIVE testimonials from satisfied customers? We do.

7) Does the company have a Medical Advisory Board with a full-time staff doctor? We do.

For our list of doctors and their backgrounds visit.

8) Does the company manufacture their own products? We do.

9) How long has the company been around so you can RELY on them to be a steady supplier?

Life Force International (formerly named Dr's Signature) has been around since 1981 under the same ownership, Wayne and Gerri Hillman.

(Incidentally, Life Force experienced a 20% growth in just the last two months.)

10) Does the company have a staff of 32 people in Customer Service alone ready to answer your questions 6 days a week from 7AM - 5PM? We do.

Their # is 1-800-531-4877 (Give referral PIN#133050 if you order)

11) Does the company have instant LIVE ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE? We do.

12) Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau? We are.

Getting these 12 questions answered is just smart consumer due diligence.

Just like the B.B.B. states, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Rhonda Crosby
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