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My 8 1/2 month pregnant wifes experience at this day spa...

In April of 2002, my husband purchased a gift card as an anniversary present. I tried a few times in 2002 to make appointments but was unable to schedule at a convenient time. I called to find out if the card expires and was told no it does not. So when I found out I was pregnant in 2003 I tried to schedule appointments for another pregnant friend, and myself we were to have the "Mother-to-be" pedicures. The 1st appointment was scheduled in June (do not have the date) and the spa called to ask if we could reschedule because one of the manicurist had gone on maternity leave. We did reschedule for July 12. Unfortunately my friend had complications to her pregnancy as was admitted to the hospital. I called and spoke with Tracy to reschedule for July 26th. So on the 25th when I did not hear from the salon for confirmation, my husband called to check our appointments. They had not been marked in the books and were very unwilling to help us in any way. My husband spoke with the salon director, Jeannette. She was very rude and told him under no circumstance would she refund his money for the gift card, it would have to be used for services. We then rescheduled for Sept. 20th and another friend decided to join us. We were running late for our appointments so I called before we were supposed to arrive to let them know we were running late. The gentleman on the phone said it was not a big deal to get there as soon as we could. My 2 friends arrived inside 5 minutes before I. I called again to say I could not find a place to park at which time my friend told them I was parking and would be inside in a minute. I found a place 3 blocks away and walked as briskly as possible for an 8 1/2-month pregnant woman. When I walked in the door I was rudely told they could not take me because I was late, but had actually just sat my 2 friends in their chairs for service. I explained to them that I called and was told it was okay. I spoke to Jeannette and again she insisted that no refund would be given and they should have told me on the phone about being late. I then paid for my friend’s services and promptly left. After my friends had their services they spoke with Anna, the operations manager, she agreed that she would not want to return to the spa and would see about refunding the balance on the gift card. On Sept 22 she called to inform me that she would be refunding the account $130 and that I “should take my business elsewhere.” The account was not credited it was actually charged an additional $156. I called Sept 23rd to speak with her and was told to leave a voicemail message.

Any questions?
Kerry Marcus
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