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I COMPLETELY understand with all of you about Dep's Gel 2 Mousse. I am completely lost without it. I went to buy it lately and was almost in tears to see that they did not carry it anymore. I have looked everywhere and am quite distraught without it. I have tried so many different products - Dep's curl cream and frizz reducer, all of the Frizz-ease products, everything. I am lost. Does anyone have any ideas??? I have curly hair if handled properly, but otherwise it is a fro. HELP!
Ashley canucks_rock@hotmail.comHelp!!! The only product ever to work with my type of hair and my hair style was Dep 5 Straightening Cream. It is nowhere to be found anymore. I haven't had a good hair day since my last bottle ran out. I am ready to shave my head. Somebody please tell me where to find this!!!!
Doug doug.baker@krc-cpa.comHelp! looking for the men's yellow dep conditioner that was used in the 80s --- i mixed with vidal sasoon finishing rinse and turned frizzy bleached dry hair into the silkiest shiny - shiny hair ever ---- where is it now? anyone have any ideas? anyway to contact the dep company? tks for any info - in texas
annie annie4915@wmconnect.comI have long hair. I've been using Dep's 'Extra Body' Conditioner for a very long time. With hair that used to go down to the bottom of my behind (now only half way down my back), I found nothing worked better. After cream rinsing my hair I could put a large comb right through it. I'm in Eastern Canada and now am having a hard time finding the 'Extra Body' conditioner. Can anyone help with the name of a sales rep? Desperate!! Thanks.
Bev beejayem@videotron.caI totally agree with the lady about the Gel 2 Mousse... What are we supposed to do without it? I, too have curly but fine hair and now I am left helpless with ucky hair.I don't want to use anything else unless it works the same.. I used it in place of gel, and hairspray and mousse,,It worked so well... Anyone found a replacement..Why would you stop a product like that when it was moving so well on the shelves?? Did you replace it or are you going to???????
Sue viking_princess_ca@yahoo.caI cannot find the DEP Gel 2 Mousse ANYWHERE!!.. It is my all time favorite product and do not use anything else but... I buy five and six at a time and now it has dissapeared..HELP! The got2BU has a product with the same name, Gel 2 Mousse but it is clearly not the same stuff, it is different and weak!.. I need desperately to know where I can find some more..Thanks,,,, Suze....
Sue dexter@netidea.comI absolutely love the old Agree Shampoo and Conditioner but it's been discontinued. I found a newer version of it on the shelves and was not happy at all with it. What happened to the old Agree Shampoo? Does anybody know? I can't find it anywhere.
Lisa Cavasina have used Dep's "Gel to Mousse " product for several years. The product has been discontinued. I have tried several other products instead and I have not found one as good. My hair is very fine, and this product was the only one with which I have had success. Does anybody have a suggestion in terms of a new product? Susan
Susan would just like to express my opinion on Agree's (Dep product) deep moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. I have long naturally curly hair and the end of my hair are quite dry and I could never find a hair product to give my hair moisture especially at those darn ends! Well I was doing my general cosmetic shopping and I saw that there was a sale on Agree shampoo & conditioner and being on a somewhat tight budget I picked it up. I have to say I have never had a product leave my hair manageable ( and with tight curls that's hard to find!), soft, healthy looking ( my ends do not look dry at all!) I was so amazed my boyfriend even noticed too. And just to add a little bonus - it smells great too. I will continue to use this product and I just wanted to say thanks!!

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