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6-27-00 No more samples!!! The promotion was over in April.
Mermaid mermaid@mciworld.comI couldn't find a survey nor anything free! But the site is very nice and it looks like they have some real nice products. I do wish they had a magazine or something to browse at home. But the magazine link led to a game to play.
kaye kayellind@hotmail.comHi!
I just registered with your website!
I could not however find free samples!
I would love to try your product as I am
a nurse and a true believer in a Holistic
approach using herbs, flowers and relaxation!
Please send me a sample of your product!

Thank You Very Much!

Linda Paulin
Linda Paulin aarchofharts@yahoo.comsamples.....aren't avalible at this time I suppose! I received my first sample quickly though & love it. Try e-mailing the comp.

sammy jrsam@lcc.netThis offer is GREAT!! full-sized soap and a candle in a tin. My neighbor and I argued over who would get which.. since she ordered it under my screenname. I won, I got both samples :) and she got her own e-mail address!
Tricia tricia1277@aol.comI requested a samples from this company, and was surprised to not only receive a tiny candle-in-a-tin (about the size of a half-dollar) AND a full-size bar of jasmine soap! The candle was nice, and the soap is WONDERFUL! I have it on my bathroom sink, and the fragrance fills the room! Absolutely check out this site! And if you can't find a box to check for a sample, try e-mailing the company.
Janice Merzlak merzlak@usaor.netI also could not find the free samples box after going back and looking three times! The products sound great & would like to try them.
Donna Sammond sammond@aol.comcould not FIND free samples box and i looked for a long time. do you all really have one?
christy mykidsmom1289@yahoo.comsamples arrived very quickly. nice selection. referred site to 5 friends and they were also very happy with their samples. i ordered one of my samples and the product arrived in less than 3 days. i will definitely return to their site.
karen r undle karenssalt@hotmail.comExcellent samples. A real pleaser and an incentive to return and buy with confidence of good products.
Dorothy Brideau Magicstar@worldnet.att.netI also got the free tea. This place really knows how to take care of business. I will be a customer for a long time to come!
k frnd10fam@prodigy.netI can't say enough about this site. The samples were terrific, plus you get a big coupon, plus free shipping and more samples with each order. I placed a separate order after my free stuff, and it was delayed by a couple of days because of the holidays - they actually sent me another free gift (a full-size box of tea) because they felt bad about the delivery being late! Incredible site!

Barb Walker msoehner@itis.comTheir stuff is wonderful! The green tea & jasmine smells wonderful, as does the grapefruit.
Beth cdwst@netscape.netreceived my samples and coupon from today, they are great and a $12 coupon was enclosed for me to order again, great response and products

Vivian Crawford
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