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I am a big fan of Murad Combination Skin Treatment. This is the perfect product for those that have both oily and dry skin. For me, I tend to be oilier in my T-Zone area and drier in other areas. It seemed impossible to find a product that would hydrate both the oily and dry areas of my face. Since using Murad Combination Skin Treatment, my face is smoother and even balanced and my fine lines have been reduced. This product also includes vitamins C and E providing antioxidant protection. Murad has created a wonderful product with powerful benefits.
erin My husband and I always try to spend time with the kids outdoors. In the summer we spend our weekends at the beach and local parks. Other times, we ride our bikes with the kids or hike through the trails. I always apply a strong SPF that will protect my face all day long. After last summer, I began to notice a difference in my skin especially around the eye area. My skin began to feel very dry and I noticed more visible lines around the eye area. After reading about Dr. Murad's products I decided to try his Moisture Silky Eye Gel in hopes it would hydrate and smooth my skin. Within a week I began to notice a difference for the better. The puffiness and swelling around my eyes decreased and my skin felt hydrated. Whether it was the combination of the cream and gel, my face newer felt smoother or more refreshed.
Erin ef0987@aol.comI am a 35 year old male attorney who has had frequent acne blemishes which I attributed to stress, extreme hours and lack of proper exercise and rest. About 6 months ago I began using the Murad acne program which a friend recommended that I try. Three weeks later my skin had completely cleared up. It was a dramatic result which everyone regularly around me noticed.

I continued using the Murad products and became accustomed to always having clear skin until this summer when I had forgotten to pack the products on a trip to Europe. After the second week away, I began to noitice blemishes again. I had truly forgotten how bad my skin had been. Upon my return home, I immediately began using the products again and the blemishes, again, quickly cleared up. I really had taken the results for granted.

I should also mention that prior to any use of the Murad products, I was seeing a dermatologist and ,among other things, I had taken acutane for a six month period and a year later for a three month period. The hope with this perscription is to achieve a permanant result but the side effects were quite severe. In fact, they were absolutely burdensome but I felt that it was only for a limited period and I would be permanantly cured. I did not have such luck.

The Murad products had no side effects on me and I actually found them quite refreshing. Other products would irritate my skin. The Murad products felt soothing with a nice subtle smell and I actually enjoyed using them. I absouletly recommend these products. I literally have tried everything and nothing compares.
David Pellegrino
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