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GET THAT LIPSTICK ON! Posted Saturday, December 18, 1999 by
Of all the beauty questions that I get, the #1 is by far, "How do I find a good lipstick?"

Here are some tips of the trade that I swear by to keep that lipstick on all day! Now you know why most professional makeup artists are loyal to their lipsticks (mascara being a close runner up.) A good lipstick is hard to find! Here are some tried and true methods to check before you $buy$ it!
LIP PROBLEM? "It just Disappears!"
Is your lipstick GONE in 1/2 hour? Then the culprit is the amount of wax that was used to make the lipstick. Whether it's rose wax and/or beeswax (a "natural" favorite of Aveda, Origins, The Body Shop Etc...) or mineral oil or lanolin, it's the wax that makes the lipstick glide (or NOT) glide on. How can you tell? Just run the lipstick on the back of your hand. How slippery is it? Does it 'melt' on the back of your hand? Then you probably have a 'sheer' or 'cream' lipstick (which tend to have more wax for added moisture as well). These may give much needed moisture to dry lips, but it also disappears faster. A high wax content, as well as a hot day, and you're done for. Why? Wax melts in heat, so whether YOU'RE hot (do you have a fever?), or the day is hot, wax will melt regardless. And the more wax there is, the more there is to melt.

Okay, so your fav lipstick melts, and you don't want to give it up. Easy. Just take a dab of loose translucent or pale powder. Dot on your lips, brush off any excess. THEN apply your lipstick. Or if you're adventuresome, mix a batch of loose powder and lipstick together in a pot and then apply. The loose powder will 'absorb' some of the wax and you'll find that you have a thicker consistency and a longer lasting product.
LIP PROBLEM? "It dries my lips out like crazy!"

Is your favorite color turning your lips into the Sahara desert? You need just the opposite. MORE moisture. Take your fav chap stick, regular moisturizer (my fav), or a moisture base vitamin like a Vitamin E oil or stick, and apply on dampened lips at night. Think of your chap stick as part of your skin care routine...remember, your SKIN care takes care of your skin, not your makeup! Let your lips drink up first.
PROBLEM? "My lipstick feathers and bleeds and bleeds and.............."

Too much moisture is the problem here. You can try the powder trick as in the disappearing lipstick act, but also note that your foundation and moisturizer can be the culprit as well. How to find a lipstick that won't run all over? Do the run on the back of the hand trick, but look for a lipstick that goes on with a bit of a give, not too slippery, but not too chalky matte either. Then try one of those lipstick bases like Almay's "Color Grip" Lip base. Slightly waxy and clear, but it does a better job than you think at keeping lipstick on. As for lip pencils.. other than for definition and knowing where you're going, lip pencils are actually, well, wax in a pencil. Look for a better lipstick instead.
PROBLEM? "The color disappears........"

Ahh, everything's great about the lipstick, but then after eating, kissing, you know, the lipstick is gone from the middle of the mouth. I mean GONE. This is a culprit of not enough 'pigment' or color in the lipstick itself. Like those 'sheer' or 'stains' that are so popular. Try this test to see where your lipstick color stands. Run it on the back of your hand, and then 'lightly', run your finger back and forth over it. How quickly did the color disappear? Ah, then not enough pigment to 'grab' on the skin. Check then to see if the lipstick stains the skin. This is a definite sign that your lipstick will stay on longer. --

Article by:
| Elke Von Freudenberg
| Editorial Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist | Los Angeles, New York
| Online Portfolio:
| The Makeup Video Collection
| The Beauty Newsletter

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