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Scents For Success In The Workplace Posted Thursday, February 17, 2000 by BeautyCare.com
Scents For Success In The Workplace

According to research sponsored by the Olfactory odor plays a significant and positive role in our personal health and relationships. But, how great an impact does fragrance have in the workplace? With support of the Fund, researchers are better able to give us some answers.

Use the following tips and start letting your nose work for you!

Interviewing for the job: To spray or not to spray?

Your decision to wear perfume to an interview may depend on who is doing the interviewing:
Save the heavy, sexy scents for evening wear. Studies show that male interviewers tend to react disapprovingly toward strongly-scented female applicants, while female interviewers increase their approval rating of an applicant (male or female) who wears an appropriate fragrance. If you decide to wear a fragrance, choose a floral-fruity, multi-floral, or citrus scent -- but BE DISCREET! (As a rule of thumb, people should not be able to smell your perfume beyond an arm's length.)

Enhancing your workday: With just a few scents a day.

Keep a bottle of your favorite fragrance on hand when you need a boost
of confidence. Fragrance has been shown to elevate your mood. Pleasant fragrances can contribute to office harmony, even allowing for a more friendly resolution to situations of conflict.

Cure those Monday morning blues with an invigorating spritz of a lemon scent.

When you find yourself in an afternoon slump, spray a peppermint or citrus scent into the air or into your palms and perk up those sluggish brain cells.

Losing focus during sustained tasks such as data entry or proof-reading?.

Get a quick fix with a whiff of peppermint. When the stress of deadlines and projects catches up to you, try relaxing with the scents of vanilla or lavender.

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