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How to Keep Homes Fresh and Fragrant Posted Wednesday, February 23, 2000 by BeautyCare.com
Home Fragrance Tips: How to Keep (Closed Up) Air Conditioned/Heated Homes Fresh and Fragrant.

According to Osmegen Incorporated, fragrance is an important part of
today's home decor. Perfumed room sprays, scented candles and potpourris are very popular and come in every conceivable scent, color and form. Pleasant scents help create ambience for parties, provide a pleasant environment for family times and give your home a unique personality. Scents can even provide aromatherapy and help you relax or get energized.

Robert Ashford, maker of deodorizing and scent products, offers this tip to keep in mind when using household fragrances.

Between air conditioning and heating, today's well-insulated homes are
closed up most of the year. Stale household odors accumulate and linger on carpets, furniture, in bathrooms, kitchens and pet areas.
Unpleasant smells are annoying for the homeowner and embarrassing when
guests come.

"Adding fragrance without first destroying unwanted odors will only add to the problem," says Mr. Ashford. "After all, you wouldn't substitute perfume for a shower."

Osmegen's Natural Magic(R) line of gel products absorbs and destroys
airborne odors as they occur. Natural Magic(R) gels come in four lovely scents plus the non-scented Odor Air-Magnet.

The scented gels, Citrus, Raspberry, Cedar and newly introduced Lavender, clean and scent the air. Because there is no open flame, there is no soot and they are safe around children. You can leave them open to keep your home fresh and fragrant, even when you are not there.

The scented gels come in attractive l4-oz. containers with unique grated lids that allow users to adjust the scent. Natural Magic(R) scented gels are a safe, clean alternative to scented candles.
The Natural Magic(R) liquid/spray line works by oxidation to destroy odors at their source and is safe enough to use around children and pets.

Liquid sprays include Natural Magic Odor Blaster (non-scented), Citrus Odor Blaster and Herbal Odor Blaster.

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