Make Your Home Shine this Winter with Lowe's Stylish Lighting Tips

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Make Your Home Shine this Winter with Lowe's Stylish Lighting Tips Posted Wednesday, February 23, 2000 by
Make Your Home Shine This Winter with Lowe's Stylish Lighting Tips

According to Lowe's Companies Inc. During the last months of winter
every year, thousands of people suffer from "Winter Blues," due to both light deprivation and inactivity. With spring several weeks away, Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse would like to help cure those winter blues with a fun and easy weekend lighting project!

"A good starting point is to examine the lighting in your house," said Melissa Birdsong, director of trend forecasting and design for Lowe's. "Is a room too dark or too bright? Also, don't think solely in terms of the amount of light, but think about the mood you want to create. Do you want to be able to change the mood with different light? What is the primary function of the room?"

According to Birdsong, once you've answered these questions, determine what kind of look you want for the room you'll be "relighting." Are the current fixtures all right, but the glass or shade is outdated? Do you want a unified look for the room? Or do you want a more casual, eclectic look?

For a Unified Look, Choose a Lighting Collection. The trend today is to make light fixtures fashion pieces, adding style and personality to the room. Lighting collections consist of different types of fixtures that have been designed to work together to create a unified look for a room.

Lowe's Portfolio(TM) Lighting features more than 20 different decorative styles of lighting collections to coordinate with many of today's fashion trends.

Quick Fix: Update the Old Glass in Your Light Fixture
According to Birdsong, replacing a light fixture's outdated glass with a new style of glass or fabric shade will provide a quick fix. Choose a scavo glass with a patterned or painted design for a rustic look or an alabaster style glass for a more romantic setting.

Position Fixtures in Unique Places to Add Interest
Lighting can be used to create depth and visual appeal. Birdsong suggests installing lights in interesting areas of the room to achieve different moods and effects. This can include suspending decorative pendant lighting over a table or island for visual interest or using a halogen spotlight to accent an interesting painting, floral arrangement or piece of furniture at the end of a

SOURCE Lowe's Companies, Inc.

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