Mow Down Calories With Aerobics

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Mow Down Calories With Aerobics Posted Monday, April 24, 2000 by
Mow Down Calories With Aerobics

Acording to Sears lawn and garden specialists Aerobic activities are a
great way for homeowners to stay fit and trim while maintaining healthy, attractive lawns and gardens.

It is necessary to point out that the original push-type lawn mower in 19th Century England was advertised as "an amusing, useful and
healthy exerciser for the country gentleman." Today, health and fitness experts agree that lawn mowing and other gardening tasks are good aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise has been called air conditioning for the body. That's because sustained activities like pushing a mower, weeding a flower bed or trimming a hedge force your heart and lungs to supply more oxygen to muscles and other body tissues. Regularly making your heart and lungs work harder increases your endurance by one-third or more.

Aerobic exercise also is a safe, effective way to lose weight. In one
hour, a 165-lb. person can burn about 500 calories pushing a non-propelled mower, 300 calories trimming shrubs or weeding, and 240 calories raking leaves or planting seedlings.

A recent study in the American Medical Association's Archives of external Medicine shows that adults who garden at least 60 minutes per week are 66 percent less likely to suffer heart attacks than couch potatoes. Other medical studies indicate that moderate aerobic exercise lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and relieves stress.

If lawn mowing is one of your favorite workouts, consider using the
Craftsman 18-in. Quad Wheel Push Reel mower (#37619, $109.99). Four-wheel design reduces friction caused by the roller bar, making the mower easier to push and maneuver. Its scissor-cutting reel blades provide a manicured look, and cutting height can be adjusted from 1 in. to 3 in.

You also can exercise aerobically with a powered push mower such as the Craftsman 6.25 hp, 22 in., Eager 1 high wheel mower (#38744, $199.99). This mulching mower's oversize rear wheels allow easier travel over rough terrain.

Health and fitness experts suggest spending 45 minutes, four or five days a week doing some form of moderate aerobic exercise. It's best to choose several activities you enjoy. Mix up strenuous chores like digging and hoeing with quiet pruning or trimming. When shopping for gardening supplies, park at a far corner of the lot and walk. In the off-season, you can substitute activities such as snowthrowing, mall walking, using an exercise bike, swimming laps or dancing.

Your aerobic exercise program should be designed to last a lifetime -- the same as your enjoyment of gardening. Craftsman is the number-one-rated brand in America for overall quality. Craftsman sells more lawn mowers and tractors than any other brand and is a leading seller of lawn and garden tools and equipment. The Craftsman brand is
available only at Sears full-line, hardware and dealer stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. is a leading U.S. retailer of apparel, home and
automotive products and services, with annual revenue of more than
$41 billion. The company serves families throughout the country through 860 department stores, 2,100 specialized retail locations, and a variety of online offerings accessible through the company's Web site, .


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