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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

In this section, we've highlighted the questions that are most commonly asked about BeautyCare.com. If your question isn't addressed here or if you want more information, please e-mail us.

If you have a question regarding adding a site to BeautyCare.com, please see How to Suggest Your Site.


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What is BeautyCare.com?

BeautyCare.com is a web site dedicated to the beauty industry featuring a directory, articles, shopping, advice, and a community area for members. For more on BeautyCare.com, see About BeautyCare.com.

How does someone get their information listed inBeautyCare.com?

BeautyCare.com is a database of links to other sites.BeautyCare.com does not provide any original content, so we can only reference sites that already exist.

To suggest a site to BeautyCare.com, see How to Suggest Your Site.

What do the numbers in parenthesis stand for?

The numbers that appear in parenthesis next to BeautyCare.com categoriesrepresent the number of entries categorized directly under that subject heading.The number does not include entries in any linked directories. Linked directories are those followed by the "@" sign.

A site was in BeautyCare.com last week, but it's no longer there.What happened??

Things in life come and go, and sites on the Web are no exception. Itprobably means a number of things, most probably that we have removedthe site because it is no longer functional. But to make sure, youshould do a search tomake sure we haven't moved it elsewhere.

How are links gathered for the BeautyCare.com database?

Most sites in BeautyCare.com are suggested by users. Sites are placed in categoriesby BeautyCare.com Surfers, who visit and evaluate all suggestions and decide where they best belong. This is done to ensure thatBeautyCare.com is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

To suggest a site to BeautyCare.com, see How to Suggest Your Site.

What kinds of bugs should be reported to BeautyCare.com?

Please reporterrors to usif a link has been relocated, or disappeared, permission denied, or if wehave made errors in the title, comments, URL, or classification of the link.

Since we have no control of what other people put on their servers, do notask us to change contents on pages that do not reside on BeautyCare.com. Any URLthat does not contain beautycare.com in its path is not on BeautyCare.com.For bugs involving contents on a non-BeautyCare.com page, please contact that page's author(s).

What should I do if I click on a link and get'Permission Denied', or 'File not found'?

When you follow a link and you get errors, there may be several reasons.First, the site may be busy or temporarily down. This happens a lot especiallyon overloaded sites such as ftp.netcom.com. It may be that the siteis denying people access. In which case, if you really want access, pleasewrite email to the site authors (usually webmaster@sitename). Ofcourse it may be that the link no longer exists.

If you think that a link no longer exists, please inform us and we'llremove it from our directory.

How are search results ordered?

BeautyCare.com search scans three main areas: BeautyCare.com categories, web sites listedin BeautyCare.com, and web pages indexed by BeautyCare.com. For the first two of these,BeautyCare.com searches for matches in its database and then ranks the results inorder of most relevant to least relevant. Some of the factors that affectrelevancy are: the number of search words matched (the more words matched,the higher the rank); exact word matches (these are ranked higher thanapproximate matches); and where in an entry the search words were found(a match in the title of a site is ranked higher than a match in thecomments or the URL).

How do I narrow a search?

Searches can be narrowed or broadened depending on the search options andsyntax you choose. Basic search options can be found on the search page.

Can I write my own code to point to your search form?

Certainly. Although be aware that we can change our search interfacewithout notice, so make sure the fields you use stay consistent over time.

Whom do I contact for permission on includingscreenshots and other BeautyCare.com copyrighted materials?

We generally have no problem if you need to take screenshotsof BeautyCare.com, as long as proper attribution back to BeautyCare.com is given.If you are not sure and/or need written permission, please contact us.

What are the advertising opportunitiesavailable on BeautyCare.com?

BeautyCare.com now offers a wide range of flexible advertising opportunities. Check this page forinfo.

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